There’s a man I know who’s first loyalty is to Wessex, speaks a lot in Old English, then there are all the MAGA people across the pond and good luck to them too.  I like Orban in Hungary and the Polish one – they are all for Eastern Europe – good stuff, fully support them.

And they’re so slanted that it’s almost amusing at times but it’s not their job to be evenhanded.  I don’t mind old Labour people who are all for old Labour – don’t agree with them but well done in their loyalty.  Knew a chap called Bob Piper who was that way.

What I can’t be doing with – and I know many of you are similar in this – is the supposed umpires, the overseers, the scrupulously fair, being blatantly biased, like the BBC for example.  I don’t mind CNN to be honest – they’ve set out their leftwing stall and are sticking to it. The only thing I’d object to is if they pretended to be unbiased.

I’ve no issue with Putin being for Russia … if he is of course, rather than globalist.

There’s an issue downunder which would not interest you in itself but the bias should. Someone like me is always going to see bias against Geelong FC and it’s one of the reasons I support them – they have had such a raw deal from the Melbourne media for over a century that it’s laughable but until now, it’s been very hard to pin down and make stick.

Now something has happened and so I was most surprised to see the call over unfairness coming, not from us, but from our most bitter rivals:

COLLINGWOOD coach Nathan Buckley says Geelong should be “bleeding” about the AFL Tribunal’s decision to clear Ed and Charlie Curnow of their separate intentional umpire contact charges.

The Cats lost goalkicker Tom Hawkins to a one-game ban for umpire contact in round eight, in a similar incident to those that saw the Tribunal free the Curnow brothers to play this weekend.

That’s jolly decent of him actually.

Everyone thought Tom would get off with a fine but he got rubbed out for one week – quite rightly too, silly boy – meaning he was not eligible to play against … wait for it … our bitter rivals themselves, Buckley’s boys, which adds extra spice to this.

Now British readers here and American would understand instantly what has gone down because we see such bias the whole time – yesterday a £20 fine for a rape at knifepoint.  WTF is going on with our courts?

It’s not just blatantly unfair, it is demoralizing and it white-ants the institution.  Buckley said:

“If I was Geelong I’d be bleeding … absolutely bleeding,” he told SEN radio on Wednesday. “Because Hawkins handled himself so well, I thought the club handled it well. You’d be scratching your head wondering, ‘Why be so gracious when it’s not actually supported or followed through?’

Just make your mind up. Be clear.”

That is really most decent of him indeed.  It makes it difficult to detest that club now but it does highlight that there are people [and he was a genuine champion player before, very hard man] who do have this innate sense of fairness, who are basically decent people and these are the sorts of people who make institutions strong.  [By the way, we won that game well, bit of a surprise really.]

Now, in a big turn up for the books, who is objecting to the decision but the AFL itself, the governing body:

The AFL has appealed the Tribunal’s verdict on both counts in a hearing to be held on Thursday afternoon.

Wow – the head body taking its own tribunal to task.  It’s all about everyone knowing it is wrong, that things wrong should not stand.  Like the Lords.  Like Mueller and Comey.  I don’t even mind Hillary so much as she is clearly biased but these other bstds are meant to be impartial.



6 comments for “Bias

  1. The Blocked Dwarf
    May 16, 2018 at 18:12

    “speaks a lot in Old English”

    (returning to the previous post) That , besides not having voted Leave, is perhaps one of the ‘easiest’ ways we can all effectively counter the Islamic invasion. Unfortunately it so often seems to be tied up with the whole ‘English Shield Wall’ EDly nonsense.

    • May 16, 2018 at 18:17

      How’s sunny Norfolk?

      • The Blocked Dwarf
        May 17, 2018 at 06:30

        Cold enough that I have had to put the heating back on.

  2. Bill
    May 17, 2018 at 06:21

    The partisan programming does seem to be glitching a bit these days.

    • May 17, 2018 at 06:45

      It’s more a case of choosing our flavour now, rather than hoping for anything unbiased.

      At this moment of writing, no news yet on that tribunal decision – they’re in there now.

  3. The Underdoug
    May 21, 2018 at 11:21

    If I see something like this:

    I immediately know that I can’t trust the organisation spouting such. They doth protest too much.

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