1. Wimmin and fishing:

2. It’s a competition, innit, to show off the labels they paid more than the other woman for:

Revealed: How women are paying up to 45 per cent MORE than men for near identical plain white t-shirts (despite the fact they use less material)

3. Danny Boyle?  FFS:

James Bond return: Daniel Craig CONFIRMED to reprise 007 role for a fifth time (despite saying he’d rather ‘slash his wrists’) as Danny Boyle is named director 

4. Analysis of an Uber crash:

5. That’s Mr. Munger to you:

“I try to get rid of people who always confidently answer questions about which they don’t have any real knowledge.”

6. Lastly for now, a GDPR gem:

Corbynista MP Marsha De Cordova has chosen GPDR day to unleash an utterly spectacular data protection fail. In an effort to comply with the new data measures, the Battersea MP’s office sent a ‘GDPR Consent Form’ to constituents via email. There was just one problem. Her office put every constituent’s email in the address line, rather than BCC, therefore sharing dozens of personal emails addresses without permission.

Like it.

[H/T Chuckles, Microdave and haiku]

2 comments for “Sunday

  1. Bill
    May 27, 2018 at 15:03

    1. Barry isn’t even there. Different lighting, different fish, but most of all the pixelation around his head.
    2. So. Stick a ‘brand’ or a ‘message’ on it and utter dikheads will pay hundreds of percent more than the cost of a plain white t shirt.

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