The Scandal of Christendom

Just drawing a parallel here.

There were a few accounts of the wedding:

The news was not received well at all.

The general consensus was that the king’s marriage to Anne would spell disaster for Anglo-Flemish trade and the people feared that England would now have to go to war with the Emperor.

In April there was a large number of public protests against the marriage and on one particular occasion a priest, Ralph Wendon, was reprimanded for saying that Anne was ‘the scandal of Christendom, a whore and a harlot’ (Weir, Pg. 246).

According to Alison Weir, when at the end of April ‘the order went out that Queen Anne was to be prayed for in churches, one London congregation walked out in disgust’ (Pg. 246). The Lord Mayor was later reprimanded for this act.

Some people were imprisoned for slandering the new Queen including Margaret Chancellor who was imprisoned after crying out ‘God save Queen Katherine! She didn’t stop there though; she also called Anne ‘a goggle-eyed whore’ (Weir, Pg. 247).

Unfortunately for Henry and Anne, news of the marriage was received with about as much enthusiasm abroad as it was at home.

The people lined the streets but remained silent, later she ate from gold plates and drank from a golden goblet.

With Anne, one of the major issues was Catherine and Anne’s seemingly naked ambition – she got her wedding day but it was a strained affair.

Fast forward:

#  Piers, you forgot the mother! She’s in on this too. She’s been colluding with Oprah – just wait for the interview! 😉

#  The mother “behaved with decorum”? Did you see the nose ring? And kept “her mouth shut”? Did you hear about her cosy 6 hour talk with Oprah? And Doria gave up her day job, so she is expecting some money?

#  The interview with Samantha and Piers is worth watching on youtube. She came off rather well and Piers seem to be one of Media Meg’s obedient and aggressive attack dogs. He is obviously still hoping to build on his “drink” with Smirkle back when SHE was trying desperately to be in the media and raise her own profile…..Samantha seems more angry at the way her father has been portrayed and at the fact that Smirkle has provided them with no media assistance. I would be too if my idiot sister slept with a prince and didn’t bother warning me the paps would descend on me.

4 comments for “The Scandal of Christendom

  1. The Blocked Dwarf
    May 17, 2018 at 06:44

    “occasion a priest, Ralph Wendon, was reprimanded for saying that Anne was ‘the scandal of Christendom, a whore and a harlot’

    We do not see such faith….

    But the Royal Wedding aside, the parallels between the time of ‘enry vee-one-one-one and our ain are many. Its too early for me to want to go all remoaniac but even Brexiteurs tend to recognise the impending iconoclasm.

  2. May 17, 2018 at 07:22

    Just read that he had three stents put in. I’d hardly call stents surgery but suppose it is.

    Right, so he’ll be very weak, physically, that’s true but they generally let you go home same or next day. He could do the walk down the aisle bit, not an issue but I’d say he couldn’t sit on one of those pews.

    Hope he still does that. As for Kensington Palace, one would hope they’d step in. The father is becoming the issue in this wedding.

    Plus someone I forget said she was trouble and it’s looking that way. On the other hand, love conquers all … for some time.

  3. May 17, 2018 at 10:05

    Ha! Stents, the timing to the second. After my full blown quad I could have got down an isle after three days. Indeed was forced to do some stairs. The whole bloody scenario is so called “progressive inclusion”. When the lad is tired of the constant drama this celebrity” Princess brings to the waking mornings, day after day, watch this space.

  4. May 17, 2018 at 17:00

    Can t they not give the poor old codger a footman or someone to do the walk-down-the aisle bit for him ? It is showbiz after all and stand-ins are quite usual. He can just sit somewhere in a labelled chair.

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