What essentially is wrong with modern film [1]

This will spill over into the 16:00 post today.

I hear that the new Han Solo movie sucks. Literally sucks, in that Lando Calrissian is revealed to be “pansexual” or some such nonsense.

This is a surprise?

As I’ve written before, the whole point of the new SJWars is to destroy something normies once loved. But normies loved it, by and large, because it had timeless themes — good versus evil, conflicting loyalties, comradeship. You can’t tell an actual story without those, which is why the sequels, prequels, and other assorted cash-ins are basically just 3-hour-long video game cut scenes.

Which brings us to Han Solo and his pansexual swinger pal, Lando. The new SJWars did a pretty good job of ruining all the meaningful parts of the original trilogy, but all the intersectional genderfluidity in the galaxy can’t make Han Solo uncool. Harrison Ford’s Han is the epitome of “toxic masculinity” – swaggering, entitled, with a classic shitlord smirk that guaranteed he’d pull twelve parsecs of poon no matter how fast he finished the Kessel Run. But he’s also a real character, who matures to the point where he risks his life coming back to the battle to save Luke during the climactic Death Star attack.

By the end of the movie, in other words, Han Solo is a hero, and we can’t be having that.

I’d bet whatever price Jabba put on his head that the young Han Solo of SJWars is a whiny emo brat who spends most of the movie getting bossed around — and beat up – by girls. I also fearlessly predict that pansexual Lando is the real hero of the piece, complete with a Chuck Tingle-style “love wins!” sermon.

My attitude to gays is that they can do as they wish in a free society, behind closed doors as we all do our thing.

But the worst elements of these people, controlled by this evil power that runs things globally, weren’t satisfied with gays doing their thing privately and hopefully not being beaten up or Edward the Second hot-pokered or thrown off buildings.

No, these Fs had to go into campaigning mode to make every kid a homo if possible, going into schools and inducing 5 year-olds – that Head and those staff need sacking and incarcerating, every one of them – these activists had to ruin the Edinburgh Commonwealth Games, ruin Doctor Who.

Never having been particularly anti-gays before, I certainly am now because of excrescences like Stonewall and other activist muvvers and only because of them.

These activists are the scum of the earth, far worse than SJWs who are just brainwashed idiots – Lily Allen, what a joke female, like that Schumer.

But these evil muvvers – sad, lost creatures above us – they now had to add variations like trans and pan and all the rest of it. They are indeed just as bad as the Muslim mafia, except their victims are more hidden. Any woman now going into a public toilet is a victim or a potential one.

The ludicrous conclusion to this insanity is, of course, unisex toilets or toilets – people like Springsteen should know better but they don’t, the leftwing rabid richard craniums.  What fools and ones in key positions, not unlike the Markle pair, to lead society astray.

So no, I don’t hate gays as such, why would I?  I don’t hate SJWs either, the poor little fools.

No, I’m not a “hater” in that sense – I know there are gays among our readers and so what?  I see them as humans.

No, it’s these evil muvvers pushing these insane, evil things, laying them on us, using govt to back them, doing these gay cake stunts for example – these are the ones who need eliminating but they’re also the ones aided, abetted and protected from above, like Antifa, itself way more than just a pressure group.

3 comments for “What essentially is wrong with modern film [1]

  1. Lord T
    May 22, 2018 at 11:22

    The original star wars was done when men were men and girly men were few. That changed at the turn of the century and as a species we have done nothing but hold hands and cry about how unfair life is. Girly men then took over while the real men got on with life and kept their heads down, being embarrassed by open crying etc.

    • The Blocked Dwarf
      May 22, 2018 at 12:52

      The original Star Wars was made when men were men, women were women and weird blue-mouse-headed-aliens from Tatooine were weird blue-mouse-headed-aliens from Tatooine. An arrangement that suited everyone just fine.

  2. May 22, 2018 at 12:57

    My attitude to gays is that they can do as they wish in a free society, behind closed doors as we all do our thing.

    The problem with that is that it leads inevitably to your next point.

    these Fs had to go into campaigning mode to make every kid a homo if possible, going into schools and inducing 5 year-olds

    Because that’s what tolerance leads to. Tolerance is a fancy word for a society that has no values, no dignity, no beliefs, just self-indulgence and lust.

    It’s unfortunate, but tolerance always leads to surrender to evil.

    We have lost the culture war by pursuing tolerance, rather than pursuing what is right.

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