Just why are they so low-quality?

There are probably better clinical definitions but to me, sociopathy is acting without any regard for anyone else and then, when people are hurt, being not in the least concerned beyond mealy-mouthed lip service.

Virtually anyone involved in crimes against the person is like that now, from Muslims to nutters from our own land.  And the worst part of it is that those at the top, the ruling class, are of this nature – just look at Anna Soubry for a classic example, look at Elizabeth Holmes.

And so many of them are “new” women who’ve been raised from obscurity onto a platform where their natural navel gazing as women and their sociopathy is exposed for all to see.  “New” women are doing such incalculable damage to the cause of women in general they have no idea whatever.

If I mention them rather than the Soroses, the Etienne Davignons, the Peter Sutherlands, the Solvays, the Blairs – it’s because we’ve always focussed on evil muvvers like that – go to any blog and see them castigated.  But these female sociopaths need nipping in the bud now [in relative historical terms].

This aberration must stop.

2 comments for “Just why are they so low-quality?

  1. Distant Relative
    June 16, 2018 at 09:26

    Seems the bud, at least with this one, is in the process of being nipped.


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