Policies – hostile positions and trolling

This post is being published purely for the purpose of linking to it on the Policies page.  This issue was missing but will now be going in.  There’ll be no comments below the post, not even for the good guys.

This blog has changed its position as a result of things happening over the past decade or so – where once it allowed almost any comment and encouraged debate among disparate viewpoints, in the last few years, sadly, politics has become so polarised, so diametrically opposed, so fact-free, so at war in a way we weren’t earlier, at least not openly so, that it has become impossible to allow people to come in willy-nilly any more and destroy the work we do, to trash the comments thread.

There’s become so much rank dishonesty going on with absolute impunity, e.g. Maddow’s fake tears, so much false information being pumped out by sources pretending to be neutral and saying they are “fact checking” when they’re doing nothing of the kind.

There is also the behaviour of the other side – the lying, the violence – the tying up in “nothingburgers”, that life [for me] is too short for that.

This blog is now openly about correcting the faux media, the deep state, the global left, the hegemony which now blights children in schools and in every conceivable medium, it is strongly biased towards a populist, dissonant conservatism of the “Deplorable” kind, varying on this issue or that of course, and it is deeply into “finding out” whatever the facts turn out to be.

It simply is not going to allow a global left-liberal, lying, PC view – if you want that, there are plenty of other blogs to visit.

Some readers help this process of fact finding immeasurably – excellent researchers who certainly find the good oil and post it. This blog is a record now, an archive in posts and comments combined.

Just occasionally, for the purpose of providing a counterpoint as a discussion starter for readers, an openly opposite or hostile comment is allowed through – not for debate but to allow our readers to see that and comment but all readers are warned that this is a “Deplorable” site, not a socialist, leftist or Democrat vehicle.  This is where people can visit [as well as to other blogs] if they are sick of the constant litany pumped out by the faux global left-liberal press and other organs within the society.

There is a certain amount of “stick” to what we do here, an edginess.

There’s a reason for this policy – the sheer uselessness of pretending to “debate” with someone who is here just to troll and score points for the left, who takes nothing whatever on board which is posted at this blog and simply wants to “correct” the facts we’ve taken the trouble to discover.  This is especially noticeable these days at Breitbart.

We have never talked off the top of our heads here, we’ve never talked out of our collective backsides – we’ve always researched and found out, so the last thing we’re going to do is “debate” with trolls who are here for one purpose only.

Something clearly wrong never stands for long on these pages because regular readers and sometimes others point things out.  It’s a reasonable compromise position.

This is why I’ll delete serial offenders from the past and identify new ones – it’s so the comments thread can be kept with “just the facts, ma’am”.