The tale of Jack Wheelchair

Loyal servants of a club might play for 14 years, 7 as a full-on champ and the last 3 as an ageing, injury prone player who gets less and less game time. He’s increasingly used as a shock weapon for limited periods on the field.

Such is happening to Jack Wilshere right now.

Best for all parties I would say. Wilshere is just not the player he was and is still injury prone. Arsenal need to move away from this type of player if they really want to progress.

The President of Melbourne Football Club, the oldest football club in the world [1858] said, some decades ago, “Football is cruel, life is cruel.”

Every player knows it must come one day and Geelong FC are notorious for offloading old champs who brought them premierships. It tries to find them other roles but their playing days at the top level are over. So many of them, once those injuries kick in, go to lesser clubs for a one or two year contract, and then quietly retire. Some just retire there and then.

Wilshere, the booze and partying champ, put in some good games, even game turning games, but he never reached those expected heights week in, week out. His terse and dignified comments yesterday are sad but the club comes first. The fans and dare we say it – the sponsors – demand a team be at its height the whole time.

Some clubs move too early and rid themselves of experience when the youngster coming up most need that advice and steadying influence – it’s a fine balancing act.

2 comments for “The tale of Jack Wheelchair

  1. dearieme
    June 20, 2018 at 11:56

    One of Southgate’s better moves was to rid his squad of Rooney, Hart, and Wilshire. I’m slightly surprised that he picked Ashley Young who is at least Yellow Card in Waiting. The other day he should have been yellowed and might even have been redded. Naturally the ever dishonest Beeb didn’t show us any clips of his nonsense at half time.

    Who will be the first player to be red-carded for diving? Are Young, Alli, and Sterling really going to stay on their feet unless actually fouled?

    • June 20, 2018 at 12:41

      All good questions, plus who will step up to support Kane? Who will protect him, as Salah was not?

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