Thursday too

1. Genesis of Soy Boy:

2. Sarah Sanders leaving? Judge for yourself:

3. Some home politics:

4. More on the latter:

5. Chuckles:

Me: Within a few days wasn’t it?

Chuckles: Depends how you define a day …

6. Lastly for now, Rossa’s mother:

To cheer up your evening in case you are feeling despondent upon retiring from your building work!!

I commented that if it’s already for women only, then it’s already leftwing:

This is mad, stupid, and insulting. But not nearly as mad, stupid, and insulting as the decision by the Mslexia Short Story Prize, a literary competition for women authors, to sack one of its judges Lionel Shriver as a punishment for daring to criticise the new policy.

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]

5 comments for “Thursday too

  1. Ubermouth
    June 16, 2018 at 04:09

    Don’t call Justin Soy Boy.That is so disrespectful!

    • June 16, 2018 at 05:24

      Hmmmm. Disrespect is earned.

  2. June 16, 2018 at 08:41

    Uber, Uber, Uber, you’ve raised some interesting points.

    As a female, you’re locked into this absurd “love everyone, love the bird with the broken wing” kindness which wimmin are renowned for [don’t call us wimmin, it’s disrespectful].

    The issue men and conservative women have is that entirely the wrong sort of people are the recipients of your largesse [“refugee” killers and rapists, Soy Boy, Kathy Newman, possibly Amy Schumer, even me].

    Men, quite frankly, have no respect for pretty boy Trudeau. None. As Amfortas says, respect has to be earned and Trudeau’s failed on every count. Apart from his running down the Ontario car industry and starting capital and business [i.e. jobs] flight, let alone all leftists being high taxation and to hell with it for future generations, what we don’t like is this:

    The man is not straight.

    He’s like Theresa May in that you can’t trust anything he says. He’s also weak, in that he bowed to Trump face to face but then acted manly for the Canadian press away from him. That counts big with men, very bigly indeed. Plus with conservative women.

    But let’s go further – men are conditional lovers – in order to love you, this, this and this must be in place or have been done first. Women, to their credit, will extend love to any pretty Bieber or to any one in trouble and that’s a fine thing too – women’s universal love. Women will forgive the bad boy doing them wrong. I won’t.

    Fine to a point but not when it is unwarranted [our conditional love]. Here’s that expressed in a song:

    What we have here is a gender difference and I say vive la difference!

    Soy Boy deserves to be called Soy Boy and what’s more, attempting to stop us doing it brings on an attack of bloodymindedness – I’m dreaming up new things about Trudeau, LOL.

    You might see this as a dog eat dog attitude of men but look at our historical roles. I write this blog on the basis that two or three bad posts [quiet, Lord T] are going to lose me support, I do not take support for granted, I must deliver and I’m as good as my last two or three posts.

    Does history not count? Yes, it does – despite the drivel you sometimes come out with, you did things in the past that count bigly with me, that’s why. I never forget kindnesses. And why do you think I put up with Blocked Dwarf’s ridiculous pro-Remain lack of arguments? Because obviously there are other things going on, innit?

    All of this, this comment just written, is simply night follows day stuff.

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