Tommy Robinson is moved to Muslim prison

I’m astounded by some of the reactions to this arrest and incarceration – it’s by no means established that he did something wrong but hey ho, let’s say he did – rapists getting 6 month suspended sentences?

More the point is that that injunction on the press should never ever have been there, as the Independent pointed out.

But there’s something which trumps all of that. Do you remember last evening? What was the big news? Westminster rubbish, wasn’t it, about Remoan and Brexit. This morning’s press was full of it. And this evening is World Cup.

And what quietly happened in the background last evening with nobody noticing? Tommy Robinson who had been in a relatively secure prison in Hull has now been moved to a prison in the Midlands.


UPDATE: I do not believe “71%” of Tommy’s new fellow inmates are Muslim. It is more like 1 in 5. That is still high and higher than average UK prison population. There’s no need for us to disseminate incorrect figures when the real truth is bad enough.

Not just that but it is an open prison where any inmates can get at any others. Last night the Muslims were banging on his wall and chanting for his death. Now you tell me if that is humane, if that is right? For any human being – doesn’t even matter if it were Tony Blair – he still has a right not to be subjected to that.

This is, frankly, cruel and unusual – this is North Korea, Turkey, Thailand, not a supposedly civilised nation. Everyone and his dog knows what is about to happen and to the idiots who say he had it coming – why? Why did he? Everyone knows this is zero to do with contempt and all to do with the rallies.

And what were the rallies about?

1. Stop Muslim rape of children;
2. Free speech.

Niemoeller, people, Edmund Burke. Any Christians among you please put in a prayer tonight for his safety, because the State is sure going to do nothing to keep him alive.

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18 comments for “Tommy Robinson is moved to Muslim prison

  1. June 13, 2018 at 23:05

    Just let that one seep into the mind – May actually appointed a Muslim to run the influx of Muslims to the UK. Not just irresponsible but a cruel sense of macabre humour.

    • June 14, 2018 at 04:26

      One can look to Blair for lighting the fuse, but the rotten influx explosion happened while May was Home Secretary. It is a game of passing the baton further and further down into the Pit.

    • The Blocked Dwarf
      June 14, 2018 at 09:15

      “May actually appointed a Muslim to run the influx of Muslims to the UK.”

      There are, no doubt, Brexiteurs out there who still think Brexit is going to mean less Muslim immigration. BritStan Welcomes Careful Drivers…camel drivers.

      “Supporters of Secret Barrister universally concentrated on the letter of ‘contempt’ ”

      As they should . TR’s supporters and Legal Team would be well advised to do the same.

  2. CherryPie
    June 14, 2018 at 02:00

    Ermm… I don’t think you understand what an open prison means.

    But that being said, can you provide a link to the prison he has been moved to?

    • June 14, 2018 at 04:38

      It will appear on the site. Raheem has been in touch. Shall report.

      Open – not the sense you understand. I mean where the Muslims can physically get to him with staff connivance, as happened before.

  3. jana
    June 14, 2018 at 04:32

    If Tommy Robinson is killed in prison I seriously doubt Sajid Javid or Sadiq Khan will survive the week.

  4. June 14, 2018 at 04:53

    What we have here, in general terms, is openly lawless behaviour in the sense of scant or no regard for process.

    Supporters of Secret Barrister universally concentrated on the letter of ‘contempt’ while completely ignoring the reason they everyone was there and hot under the collar in the first place.

    Then those injunctions on us exacerbated it, making rules on the hoof to prevent exposure. This is the bottom line here. Javid’s move, under cover of the Brexit hoo-hah, really does say it all.

    The sane will recognize that my anger is against lack of due process and intimidation of players on the stage. It’s a cricketing mentality.

    There is always Bill’s contention about there being no Tommy Robinson. Who knows – Churchill had his doubles. It would also suit the book of the govt to provoke civil war – it is clearly the agenda across Europe – to stir up unrest.

    For the Muslims themselves, it’s as clear as day – they consider Britain Dar al Harb. And they have infiltrated at all levels with connivance, something even our own women have not been able to manage.

    • Bill
      June 14, 2018 at 06:38

      I get your anger at the lack of due process but the reality is there isn’t any due process save whatever the process perpetrators deem it to be. The state serves itself it does not and never has served people. It is incapable of serving people.

  5. June 14, 2018 at 05:17


    The Men’s Lodge does have a vacancy.

  6. Bill
    June 14, 2018 at 07:01

    I wondered who Raheem is and lo and behold he is a media personality.
    Here is another media personality fanning flames so too speak
    “In a matter of minutes, Tommy was sent to prison — with a 13-month sentence. He is now in HM Prison Hull, a brutal facility near Leeds.

    A 13-month prison sentence for Tommy is tantamount to a death sentence — every Muslim criminal in prison will be trying to murder him. They’ve tried before”
    That from the rebel media where Stephen once worked.

    So he survived the “brutal facility” unharmed, touched or molested and now according to the ex-Breibart man, has been moved. Rebel media as of this morning are not carrying the move story just Raheem a former employed journalist now freelance (just like Stephen).
    How odd that his former employer which is in touch with his wife and has an in house lawyer ready to roll once Stephen gives Rebel Media the green light to seek the £20,000 from ‘the crowd’ to fund the appeal against conviction, isn’t breaking the ‘news’.

    And then there is this from Raheem “I have personally verified all the information I have put into the public domain via the only people who would know. His family.”
    NOT the ex-employers who made the same claim or their lawyer!

    • Bill
      June 14, 2018 at 07:11

      Labouring a point but for gods sake look at the actors in this. Alex Jones for crying out loud. They really are all ‘in it’ together.

      “And now this…

      Coalan Rob, Tommy’s spokesperson, went on with Alex Jones on Wednesday to discuss the latest updates.
      An imam has placed a hit on Tommy Robinson.

      Coalan Rob: As soon as he arrived he was told there are people here who don’t like him. He was put on the main wing which is central main heart of the prison. It’s not solitary it’s the main open season(?) part of the prison… And that was where he was put. We found specifics of the prison. It is around 71% Muslim. This is really, really, really disastrous. The last one was close to 2%. As soon as he arrived he looked around. He could see people shouting. It’s really, really quite terrifying. He went to his cell. He said all night people were shouting and banging on his door, screaming death threats… We also have there’s been a hit by an imam on him directly.

      Via Infowars:

      Within the past hour on the @RealAlexJones show, @CaolanRob has given an update on what happened to Tommy. He confirms the news that Tommy has been moved to a prison with a 71% Muslim population, and that his life is in danger.

      — Nick Monroe (@nickmon1112) June 13, 2018

      Is the Home Office in the habit of giving out the religious leanings of a prison population to the media or ‘imprisoned activists’ mates?

  7. Ubermouth
    June 14, 2018 at 07:20

    An absolute disgrace!

  8. Bill
    June 14, 2018 at 07:44

    Oh dear.

    UPDATE: I do not believe “71%” of Tommy’s new fellow inmates are Muslim. It is more like 1 in 5. That is still high and higher than average UK prison population. There’s no need for us to disseminate incorrect figures when the real truth is bad enough.— Raheem (@RaheemKassam) June 13, 2018

    Real truth!
    What is an unreal truth?

    Why would the Home Office have anything to do with this? The Minister of Justice runs prisons and decides on transfers – in my experience.— Adam Wagner (@AdamWagner1) June 13, 2018

    How the tales are woven.

  9. Bill
    June 14, 2018 at 08:29

    Raheem as a reliable source.
    He was he claims one of the organisers of the London protest. Must have a few bob if the sound system/crowd protection measures in this picture is any guide, although he does refer to ‘we’, whoever ‘we’ are.

    It is yet another composite. What photographer earning an income from photography would keep then publish such a crappy picture?
    Is this really the best picture he is able to give to Raheem in support of the 20,000 claim?
    The only picture Raheem uses to justify his “We had up to 20,000 people in total across the course of the day come to protest in favour of free speech, and for Tommy’s freedom.” claim.

    The photographers website.
    Notice how ‘connected’ he actually is from his picture content?

  10. June 14, 2018 at 20:42

    Just in:

    Tommy Robinson: is now in Onley Prison, designated “unsafe”by Peter Clarke Chief Inspector of Prisons. UKIP Peer Lord Pearson has tabled a question to HM Gov asking ‘what steps they are taking to ensure his safety?’ He was moved from a safe prison to an unsafe prison. Why?

  11. James Wilson
    June 15, 2018 at 18:44

    As Burke said, a government must have some level of fear of the subjects which it rules or it’s worst impulses will have no restraint. What I have seen for many years is that British government has no reason to fear you, which is entirely your fault. They do, obviously, fear Muslims, and so the difference is stark.

  12. Bill
    June 15, 2018 at 20:33

    Update: After conflicting reports i can now CONFIRM Tommy is in HMP Onley. He's in segregation. He's safe. For now. Please don't attempt to contact or visit the jail this will hurt not help him. Let's keep him safe. #FREETOMMY #TOMMYROBINSON #IAMTOMMY— QUEEN OF THE DAMNED (@Jasminelennard) June 14, 2018

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