Wednesday too

1. Not wishing to upset our Canadian visitor Uber in any way, a far more restrained take on Canada’s joke leader finest leader since Pierre:

2. Our Stan:

3. This is a bit old, given the summit, but anyway:

4. All Africans could fit into here – so let’s start the process from Europe:

5. Letters to which the appropriate answer is, “Eff off:”

Senate Democrats have written a letter to President Donald Trump with a list of requirements that any deal with North Korea must meet if they are to support it.

6. Lastly for now:

[H/T Chuckles and haiku. Actually, can’t remember which bit here was Chuckles and haiku but what the hell.]

4 comments for “Wednesday too

  1. Ubermouth
    June 13, 2018 at 22:07

    First of all,I am British,but have status in my second home,Canada.
    Second,Justin has weird eyebrows with the fullness being bottom-heavy and in the wrong angle/lightening it appears to be slipping.
    Third Trump is using the same propaganda and rhetoric Hitler used.
    I believe it is a strategic manipulation to alienate all democratic allies in favour of changing allies to dictatorships because it is what his not-so-hidden agenda is for America.
    Draining the swamp for him meant replacing educated,experienced politicians with his corrupt,politically unaware,billionaire business friends.
    The White House(and its citizens) are being raped and made a mockery of which they accept as long as Trump mouths the American patriotism lines.
    He IS picking fights with allies,pretending their are robbing America blind,as a justification to instead switch trade relations with N.Korea,China,Russia .
    Bigger markets who want “in” with America who would be bigger importers than exporters(save for China) which,he thinks he will be able to dominate.
    Industries that he and his friends have shares in!
    Trump owns 200 companies,one being construction.No wonder he wants to build a multi-billion dollar wall!He wants to build more privately -run,for profit prisons that rely on free labour so Sessions has now instructed to try to make misdemeanors into felonies for drug offenses to fill up prisons that his company will likely build,and likely has shares in.
    This is a crook who is breaking the laws and protocols of the Office,his family and friends getting even more wealthy.Why did his daughter get 7 trademarks in China?Why is she even in the WH?What happened to not allowing American-owned businesses to operate in foreign countries,exploiting cheaper labour forces at the expense of American jobs?
    Since he took office he has used one bogus justification after another to weaken ally relationships by pulling out of every coalition for the sole purpose of tapping larger,untapped markets and align himself with dangerous regimes who he will rely on to back his dictatorship when he destroys democracy in America!
    I would not trust the sanctity of the American Constitution or inalienable rights in his hands.
    How naive that Americans don’t believe they could lose their democracy or civil rights when he is already chipping away at them!

    • June 13, 2018 at 22:49

      Sigh. You never learn, do you? You always go for the diametric opposite of the truth.

  2. Toodles McGhee
    June 14, 2018 at 07:05

    Now Uber, I have been busy with my grandbaby. They are moving across the country soon…very far away. I have, though, kept up with all the goings on here. With trusty Trudeau in one corner and triumphant Trump in the other corner. That has been an interesting match with you and others doing their bidding. A better job done than by the real characters

    I still don’t understand why you hate America so much. Do you hate me? I don’t hate you, although we disagree on many things. The town in which I grew up was actually begun and settled by French Canadians. So there is a fondness I have towards your second homeland.

    I just don’t understand all the hate and vitriol you seem to have toward all things American. Maybe you have been exposed to more of them than have I since my travels are apparently not as extensive as yours. I must say things and people are changing in my area for the negative, but I attributed that to the more the liberal turn that the Southern way of life has taken. We have had a lot if Yankees and westerners come into the atea. I know what you may think…maybe not you, but others may think about us down here, how wicked we are and ignorant. Until, Obama got into office, and really inspite of Bush and Clinton on the whole race relations were not bad. Now there were some problems, but I chalked that up and many others did too, too just human’s not getting along.

    I have an older sister. I love her. Unfortunately, if I disagree…well on anything with her she gets so angry. Normally, she is just the sweetest, seemingly the most kind person one would want to know. I remember as a young child I was in
    trouble more than the other siblings because I disagreed with my mother and told her what I saw as the truth. One time she told me that when she was a child and to the day her mother died that if her mother said it was pitch dark outside, but it really was truly the brightest and lightest of days, my mother said she would agree with her mother no matter what, because she loved her mother too much to disagree. I told my mother, respectfully, that because I loved
    her sooooo much, I would disagree with her and tell her that the sun indeed was shining. After that, my mother did not guilt me if I happened to at all have a differing opinions to hers. I still respected and honoured her. I think she respected me, I know she loved me.

    Returning to my older sister, she has said very ugly words using very nasty language to me and to our younger sister if she, younger sister, had the nerve to stand up to the bully, the older sister can be. Our brothers do not engage with her. I don’t shout back either. What good would that do anyway. She is so busy shouting and name calling she wouldn’t hear me.
    I love my sister, but do find it rather difficult to trust her. I just don’t know when she is going to fly off the handle, as it were, and I’m not in the mindset to arugue. He

  3. Distant Relative
    June 14, 2018 at 10:40

    A few facts about The Donald:

    Check out Trump’s wealth now and BHO’s and WJC’s wealth before and after their terms in office. Reconcile. Hint: Trump’s is going down…. the others?

    US Army Corp of Engineers are building the Wall. A “wall” already exists across parts of the southern border. It is being reinforced where necessary and where there is currently no wall per se a new one is being constructed. MS13 gangs and their ilk need to be kept OUT of the USA (and anywhere else!).

    What about Trump going after paedophiles/human sex trafficking?

    Sure, Trump is pure evil …. [Rolls eyes! 🙂 ]

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