We’re not GLAAD in the least

GLAAD: Not Enough LGBTQWTFs on TV and in Movies. Are They Kidding?

“GLAAD is calling on the seven major film studios to make sure that 20% of annual major studio releases include LGBTQ characters by 2021, and that 50% of films include LGBTQ characters by 2024,” whines GLAAD’s 2018 Studio Responsibility Index.”

Quite apart from these people being insane and evil, they are doing the one thing specifically designed not to help their cause with the general public. Quoting someone here I shan’t name for fear of him being attacked:

The correct response is to

1. remove all gay characters and gay themed shows
2. declare the organisation a terrorist org.
3. arrest and execute all office bearers


… you get the general idea.  Unfortunately, these people make it not possible to have a rational discussion – they push hard and are totally intolerant.  If they wish to have representation through characters according to percentages in the population, not percentages in luvvyland, then there should be no more than about 3% gay characters maximum and they should not be seen front and square – they should be hinted about and then they go off and find a room.

They should never be shown before the children’s watershed time.

From the aforementioned, an ordinary gay reader – and we do have some here – might conclude that N.O. is deeply hostile towards gays.  This is a fundamentally wrong conclusion – most people I know on this side of politics could not care less one way or the other.

As a Christian, I think I should be more down on the practice than I am and I do have that gay paedo molestation in childhood which did not enamour gays in my mind, but apart from that, I’ve been fine with them.

No, that is not the issue – the issue is the same as with the effing Muslims and effing mad cow feminists – if they’d kept it to themselves in their own land, then fine.  But they didn’t, they had to push it onto us at every possible moment, they never let up because they’re fanatics, they’e insane, evil muvvers.

And the general public who are of similar socio-political views to us first of all ignore these bastards, then stonewall them and then, if they simply do not stop, if they try to get into schools to spread their poison for example, then we are forced to move into second gear – but the one thing they will NEVER get is acceptance.


This I swear with my hand on my heart.

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  1. June 2, 2018 at 01:26

    But they didn’t, they had to push it onto us at every possible moment, they never let up because they’re fanatics, they’e insane, evil muvvers.

    What a lot of “tolerant” conservatives don’t seem to appreciate is that this determination to keep on pushing, this determination to demand not just tolerance but to demand that we celebrate and embrace their depravity is an inherent part of the makeup of these people. It’s not that there’s a small minority of bad apples who want to push things too far. LGBT activism is like feminism – there’s no such thing as moderate LGBT activism or moderate feminism. These positions are extremist right from the get-go.

    You can’t negotiate with such people. But conservatives just keep on convincing themselves that they can. The stupidity of conservatives knows no limits.

    The only rational way to deal with the problem is the way we used to deal with it. When they stayed in the closet they had de facto toleration. As long as they were discreet no-one wanted to know about them.

    Just as the only rational way to deal with feminism is to dismantle it completely. Homosexuals in the closet where they can do comparatively little harm to themselves or others, women in the home where they can do comparatively little harm to themselves or others.

  2. Mark Matis
    January 10, 2020 at 13:11

    Unfortunately, if they were to do as suggested herein, they would be arrested and prosecuted for “discrimination”. And would be convicted, since the cases would be tried in hive courts!!!

  3. January 10, 2020 at 16:06

    It’s a worry.

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