Wimmin on bikes – the defining episode

Me old mucker Microdave must be scratching his head wondering which pics of Wimmin on Bikes are acceptable and which are not – Dave’s much less complicated than I.  He wrote:

… and I hope at least some are O.K!

Uh Dave – hate to say this but your last lot were far better than these but I’ve extracted two to explain, then I’ll run a couple from your last lot, then two from elsewhere I find attractive myself.

I’m starting to suspect that I have a different approach altogether to wimmin, summed up by my mate here who said something like, “Unless they have big knockers and …”  The engineering approach, as opposed to the academic?  🙂

For me, femininity, not just to look at the shape of but in manner and style – they count heavily.


Face fine, size fine, shape you wouldn’t know because the shots are poor – too dark and backlit in most of them, plus they’re wearing things where you can’t see their shape at all.

Except, in the above pic, in one respect only – the manly legs.  Just why she’d be proud of musclebound man legs I simply don’t know.  So it’s a no-no. Right, this one:

Aaaggghhh!!!  Tatts!!! On a woman!!!!  Ruins everything. Plus one thing that all the latest crop lacked and I keep coming back to it – femininity.  It obviously means different things to different men – boobs, bum and crotch for men of a certain … discernment … and then me, someone who prefers femininity in form, in manner, in approach, in bearing.

All right, back to two old pics from the MD collection:

That shows shape but she also has personality – doesn’t have to be a delicate doe the whole time, just less aggressive and masculine-sporty please.

These two below are fine but they’d lose the boobs and bums boys:

I’ve included this below from my old collection [might have been MD’s originally, can’t remember] and I’d not include it in a regular post because of two fairly obviously points and the operative word for me is “obvious”, blatant. The shorts have more finesse and are still suggestive.

This below is very much my style but I do understand it’s not all the boys’ [and gals’] idea of the perfect woman.  Which does get us onto the point of taste – how can one post of WOB’s possibly cater for all tastes?

Just one thing about the last gal – look at her feet placement – no man stands like that and yet most of the current crop I haven’t posted have them standing just as I, a male, would. if I was into men, I’d go to men. No man though ever looked like this gal above here.

My favourite today apart from her, is N3 and the worst is N2 IMHO.  You?  [This is a very important topic I’m sure you’d agree.]

2 comments for “Wimmin on bikes – the defining episode

  1. Mark in Mayenne
    June 19, 2018 at 14:13

    The blonde in P4 looks nice to me. I’d normally go for bigger boobs but she’s a nice package. Lovely smile, but need to see the eyes.

    No 1 seems OK too. Manly legs? Emphasised by the 90 degree bend at the knee, probably shapely when straight.

    2 and 3 don’t appeal.

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