Betrayal has altered world history more than conquest

What set off this late night train of thought were four things:

1. The events of the last four days in the UK which one might term the Chequers Betrayal;
2. A strange friendship which has sprung up in the past few weeks;
3. Noticing a video Youtube recommended on the Byzantine Empire;
4. Some reading from the past:

As a result of going back over all of that, it’s uncanny how the same themes keep recurring, in particular the theme of betrayal, something that N2 above has caused us to discuss.

Just a word about that  – out of the blue or so it seemed, a person appeared from another land, thousands of miles away – different gender, different culture, different walk of life, hetero almost everything and yet we immediately dropped into the heaviest of discussions about the most fundamental topics and there’s an element of Christie’s Mysterious Mr Quin in this.

That series turns on some themes or ideas, one being that whenever this MMQ appears, he seems to be some sort of catalyst for things to be uncovered.  In the case of those short stories, it’s an old murder finally being solved or another mystery.

Similarly, when this person appears from nowhere, sometimes in the middle of the night on my desktop ticker, some heavy things ensue and some incidents from my past and hers are played out when they never would have been, they’d been long forgotten.

And one of those themes is betrayal, another is the presence of evil. Now she already knows about this elite I’ve called Them from almost the first post in 2006 and knows of this force herself.  If I openly speak of it now, so did JRM and others yesterday, quite openly, while others speak of the shadow government – again something I’ve been on about since day one of blogging way back when … though in those days, it attracted the usual tinfoil hat outflingings from the ignorati.

And I’ve also constantly put another theme over that time – the theme of incomplete knowledge.

Everyone and I mean everyone comes to a discussion not on the same playing field, not on the same page, not on the same plane because all have done different reading to the others.  And yet how many times have I seen someone come in, suffused with his own absolute conviction of all-knowingness which only he can have, replying with something like, “No you’re quite wrong,” or words to that effect, “my only pet theory is the sole correct one.”

As you can gather, that gets short shrift from me because I have an entirely different approach.  That approach is the dogmatic adversarial approach in which only his angle can stand and all else must either wholly agree or else it is wrong.

If we’re going to be discussing the forces at work in the world and you have not at least read through those two linked articles above, then I charge that we cannot even start to discuss this because you are missing vital pieces from the puzzle.

If you have read them, and then you bring in things from another angle – ah, now we’re getting somewhere, now we’re talking, now we’re having a genuine brainstorming session where various people bring in things from various angles and lay what they have on the table but they also consider and if necessary add what others say to their own perception of what the reality is.  it’s called growth and it’s the single most difficult thing for anyone to do.

What I’m saying here is that your whole attitude to a discussion, before it even gets going, determines whether I stay or get up and go and yes, I am referring to some commenters we have had who are totally immersed in their own perceptions.  To waltz in and open with, “No your wrong,” has me immediately stonewalling him, saying, “No, I am not wrong, you are the intolerant one and you have not done the reading I have.  Goodbye.”

My approach when coming into a discussion is more, “OK, what do we have here?”  I think you see where this is going and why I have zero time for dogmatists who will not even allow of what I can bring to the table.

There’s one more factor and that is other barriers to perception, something I’ve written of many times –  people hamstring themselves with the most bizarre constraints on understanding, narrative-fed, and then wonder when they get nowhere.

An analogy here is maybe a person at the seaside who is trying to walk in the shallows from one pier to another but something is getting in the way, something is constraining him and he theorizes as to why this might be.

He devises a philosophy which states that at certain times of the day and with certain metabolisms, there is a slowing down effect, he later writes this up as a treatise and publishes it as the Smith Effect, named after himself, John Smith.

However, a little boy, observing, says to him – you’re trying to wade between the piers.

“Wade?  What is this wade?”

“You’re trying to wade, trying to walk through water.”

“Water?  What is this water you speak of?”

The little boy is nonplussed – how can he explain to this erudite man about water if the man will not admit its existence?  And yet time and again that man must have encountered this substance water.  And every time, he’s devised a new philosophy to explain it away.

And that is one of the prime barriers in this post today. The reality is crying out to be recognized, events point to it but no, it does not accord with the reader’s narrative formed over decades, therefore it is to be dismissed and no understanding takes place.  Pity.

The opening discussion

The one addressed by that youtube vid was whether the Byzantine Empire could have survived at any point along the way, post first crusade.  His conclusion was no and this was especially so at the time of the fourth crusade:

To understand the fourth crusade, who they actually were, what they believed, why the atrocities, why the sacking of Constantinople [it was no accident or ships off course in a storm, it was always intended to happen], you really need to know about Clovis and the Merovingians from the C5th, also about the Venetians during this time of the Crusades, also about Genoa and the papacy, also about the Knights Templar, also about Masonry and the Illuminati, about the double-cross, about the skull and cross-bones, about the Skull and Bones today, about the rise of usury and the church, about all of those things.

Many of those come up at the end of those two links but not all of them.  See, you can understand all this at two levels – first you can say Man has always been base, greedy, has always ransacked for gold and wimmin and the fourth crusade was just this bunch of uncivilised yobs using the pretext of Innocent III.  You can bring Barbarossa into it if you like and he does have his place but all of this ignores some realities from the year dot.

There was always a falling away, in Egypt between their gods, in Assyria, in Babylon with Nimrod and Semiramis, when Moses went up on the mountain and the people all fell for the golden calf, with the Nephilim – even the Rolling Stones understood what it was all about – people, let me introduce myself.

There has always been the great negator present, which explains the paedo gangs of pollies, the Washington parties, all the rest of today’s horrors, the sheer diabolical and pitiless excess we also see in Antifa, which acts with utter impunity.  Left without a code of conduct, people descend [see Lord of the Flies].  But even Lord of the Flies admits the truth of this external entity.

And once you admit that – you only need see Taylor Swift or Beyonce vid clips, plus all that other evil guff on TV now – then one of two things is true.  Either a whole lot of people, e.g. Hollywood, are fascinated by legends … or else there really is this entity and his greatest success so far has been to convince people he does not exist.

And you know very well that once you admit that entity, then the field is wide open for a different entity, a good entity, to exist – not in myth and fable but in reality. But not in your reality of course, a reality constrained by the physical world, which is the new Orthodoxy of the past two hundred years which explains all life in terms of the observable, using faulty perceptive apparatus.

Now I’m not even going to bother arguing that further because there’s no percentage in it and because I believe most readers here are fairminded people who will give something a listen before deciding … but I am going to say that all history falls into place once you can allow yourself to see things through those dualistic eyes.

Unfortunately, it also leads to the conclusion that we alone cannot counter this thing.

Which is so close to the rationalist position anyway that the rationalist and I can get along. I can look at the elite, Them today and how they are controlling May, which explains fully why she did betray her land and how difficult it is to overcome the forces behind her and the rationalist can come to roughly the same conclusion via his own path.

But if I go back to two paragraphs ago and accept that model of how things are, then the word is no longer “difficult” but actually impossible without outside help.

In other words, while a rationalist eternally entertains hope and points to the “natural” rise and fall of civilisations [whereas I say these things are contrived, designed to happen] – if we can all combine to resist [something I wrote in a previous post], if the EU disintegrates … and so on … then we can be free.

A rationalist is entitled to ask me – well why bother trying to organise resistance, why bother if you think we’re inevitably going to lose this war?

And I answer – something to do perhaps in the meantime?  But there’s a more serious answer and that comes down to the enemy making errors, that its not quite as clever and clearcut as he supposes it is and one more thing – what if something was intended to go wrong for them – we need to be present to mop them up.  [See Lord of the Rings trilogy].

I’m the first to accept chance, coincidence, incompetence but I also accept design, malice.

In Lord of the Flies – what chance that naval captain standing on that shore at the end?  What chance Britain surviving Hitler when he turned to address Russia and let us off the hook?  Some have said that was divine intervention, some have said that the seeds of German doom were already in place. I say perhaps both.

Will May succeed?  That depends on all the elements in the equation and I’m not sure we know them all yet – at this time, we’re still observing the theatre.  But I do know they do need a resistance, a ragtag of us to make life difficult for Them, if only to be a nuisance – I’m good at being a provocative nuisance – and we’re needed for that job.

22 comments for “Betrayal has altered world history more than conquest

  1. Bill
    July 10, 2018 at 07:29

    This bloke gets it

    If it helps, I'd just like to remind you that EVERY politician is an utter shit and your vote counts for fuck all.It never has.— Old Holborn✘ (@Holbornlolz) July 9, 2018

  2. The Blocked Dwarf
    July 10, 2018 at 07:34

    “which one might term the Chequers Betrayal;”

    Allow me to correct that to “which one can only term”. Pretty sure that is the moniker that will enter the history books.

  3. July 10, 2018 at 09:02

    Cheers, boys.

    • Bill
      July 10, 2018 at 13:25

      Thanks for this. It explains a lot.

      It really is a major mental blockage and I’ve been guilty of it too. My first loyalty is to England, Britain comes after that because I have Scots, Irish and Welsh friends. The flag on the boat though is the red ensign. The only land flag I have is St George.— Deplorable James (@JamesHghm) July 10, 2018

  4. Toodles McGhee
    July 10, 2018 at 20:19

    Pardon my ignorance on many things British….most things perhaps. Because so many commenters know so much about the U.S. and our politics, history, form of government, Constitution, the fact that we are worthless fatties, drug crazed and barbarous, except for the jazz of yore…I guess classical, and Nass Car, NASCAR, or whatever it is called. Many of you here seem to know and probably do know more about certain distasteful (Put mildly?) activities concerning my country more than I and on this point I am not being facitious. However, I am working on becoming better informed. It just takes time to research, read it all, recheck contemplate, debate the issues, recheck information, cook dinner, weed the garden and wash the dog.
    I do also wonder if my country is the only one being naughty….which I DO NOT think justifies any misbehaviour (Again, mildly put.) – the old two wrongs don’t make a right theory.

    All of the above prefacing to say…and I feel as though I needed to preface so it is understood my rose coloured glasses have lost a lot of the pink glaze they had when the glasses were originally issued to me. Yet, I am an American and hope for the best for my country and hope that other countries will be well, fed, happy, mostly just left alone and all the stuff REAL people want.

    My particular reason for writing, and I hope it can be clarified for me…just trying to have better vision of the world, less myopic….is to understand the meaning of English, Scottish, Irish,Welsh, etc., if there is an etcetera. Is it wrong, let’s say, to Scotland or Ireland if an Englishman…and yes indeed Englishwoman for the over sensitive and the insecure, to feel more English, to identify as an Englishman, Englishwoman , Englishperson, Englishtransgenderite, and then to identify as British? Does a Scotsman/Scotswoman,(and the drift can be inferred) identify as Scottish first and then British? The same view for the Irish and the others [I do not mean to slight the others … time and space issues.]

    What I am trying to understand is, does everyone in Great Britain play by the same rules when it comes to their native identify? Are the other countries Great Britian first and then Welsh? I am not asking just what is on paper but in the hearts.

    Just trying to understand.

    • July 10, 2018 at 20:26

      Short answer is that so many have no idea, some of us do. I wrote mine on Twitter and it was reposted above in comments by Bill.

      There is no easy answer which fits all within the boundaries of these isles.

      • July 11, 2018 at 06:48

        I have been getting the feeling lately that you’re moving more and more towards English nationalism rather than British nationalism?

    • Bill
      July 10, 2018 at 21:46

      It comes down to what you feel. It has always felt bizarre to me why people load themselves up with the labels of the day.
      At this moment I am labelled Ulverstonian, Cumbrian, English, British, European based entirely on the geographic naming of place.
      Insanity in my book.
      I hear that over there you all are taught to respect the flag. Its a piece of coloured cloth. Not that it is any less daft over here. All six countries on this island have their own flags which the indoctrinated (cannot come up with a better word) wave round and ‘stand behind’ and yes I suppose respect.
      The British get told to stand for the national anthem but never the Scot, Welsh, Irish, Englanders . As far as I know the City of London is not part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland so anyone from that little country within a country (same as Washington DC and the Vatican aka the devils within) can remain seated during this anthem nonsense.

      The Queer of The United Kingdom, Scotland, England (but not Wales it is a principality nor Northern Ireland, it is province) cannot enter the City of London Country in any form of regalia nor can she enter as Queen.

      Just to really show you how insane this island is there is strong evidence the whole line of Kings and Queens going back centuries are usurpers. Dig a little into Wilson and Blacketts work on this subject it is truly fascinating.

      The other day clocked a tweet from some deluded fool who identified as a British Scot!

    • Mark Matis
      July 10, 2018 at 22:01

      Much of the answer to that question depends on whose haggis is being taxed…

    • Mudplugger
      July 10, 2018 at 22:13

      What a can of worms to explain – it’s all about head, heart and history – and unlike newer nations, the Brits have lots of history.

      Scotland was a proud an independent nation against which England had fought many times – but it overstretched itself around 1700 with unrealistic imperial ambitions, bankrupted itself and had to be bailed out by its neighbour, England. That’s a three-hundred year grudge and it’s still alive and kicking.

      Ireland was generally abused by the more powerful English for centuries, finally finding its voice leading up to 1922, but with a rump remaining which has provided a century of disproportionate irritation – that will be solved in the coming decades when the island is finally reunited. It will then remain a very minor and irrelevant nation, only capable of survival by the patient tolerance of its neighbours.

      Wales is a strange lump attached to England, but has never been capable of independence nor ever will be (like Scotland) – as long as it’s got songs and sheep, they’ll be happy enough to live a subsidised life in perpetuity.

      England always was, and will be, the power in the British Isles and it has been a largely benign power in recent times, content to allow those other areas their quirks and keep shovelling them the necessary funds to survive, but not always gratefully acknowledged by the recipients.

      And then, within those territories are some powerful, almost tribal. sub-groups, for example the Cornish, Geordies and Yorkshire, who maintain loyalties to their local area even stronger than to England or Britain. They have their own histories going back centuries, passed on through generations and being manifested in dialects, behaviours and a general hatred of anyone outside their boundaries.

      To a foreigner, it must seem an impossible matrix to unravel – to a Brit it is too, but it is what it is, we live with it every day.

  5. Toodles McGhee
    July 10, 2018 at 22:16

    Thanks all. Clear as mud. ( no offense Mudplugger wherever you be.)

    • Bill
      July 11, 2018 at 08:01

      What it comes down to in the end is as with all things ‘human’ one group seeks control over another using whatever man made device works. Science, religion, lnhuage, heritage, identity. In this insane islands case it is multi layer countries and countries within countries.

      Its the same over the there only the term in use is state.
      The United States For America to give the big land its full orgonal country name. It was most likely altered to Of America for marketing purposes aka taxing and controlling purposes.

      • Distant Relative
        July 11, 2018 at 08:31

        “…It was most likely altered to Of America for marketing purposes aka taxing and controlling purposes.”

        See “The Act of 1871” if you haven’t already. (How Washington DC came about)

        • Bill
          July 11, 2018 at 09:12


    • Distant Relative
      July 11, 2018 at 08:13

      Maybe it’s a bit like this “deciding your own gender” nonsense where it depends how we feel when we wake up in the morning? 😀

      It is frowned upon to display the English flag in some counties in England (go figure!) and to identify oneself as “English” is automatically corrected to “You mean British” by those jobsworths masquerading as Civil Servants. That is one reason why I moved to France so that I could be called “Anglais” with impunity. Except the French class all Brits, whether English, Scots, Welsh or Irish as “Les Anglais” and pees off the other three. 🙂

  6. Toodles McGhee
    July 11, 2018 at 19:26

    Mudplugger….my auto correct changed your moniker to unplugged. After spending half a minute fighting this auto correct thingy (and I invision an ‘it’ in my phone maniacally changing my words to even more absurdity than my original ones) Mudplugger is finally staying. I really should become more astute at all the tech stuff, but an ignorant Southern girl can only handle so much and get her knitting done…but especially her reading and real learnin’ don’t ya know. You, DR …. and James always James…and others too many to say and I have named them before (will withhold today for fear they become conceited more than they already are, although they have good reason) have definitely helped provoke my profoundly more indepth reading and research into history, today’s topics (which I think, and use as a truism in that ‘it all connects’ …has to)but many other things brought up on the posts here.

    Blocked Dwarf has def provoked a further look at things, a different prospective, no doubt…[when I finally stop scratching my bewildered head, and sometimes I can come up for air after bending over double with the silly giggles…that still come to me from the deep reccesses of the brain when something triggers a BD memory.] But, through his humour and a bit of pathos he says his say. I understand the humour, how it is a precious jewel for those who use it…for those who impart the humour – BD, or for those who receiver it – Toodles Mc. It is a blessing. Some of us need it…it gets us through, gets us through. And for those who believe in, God the Father, understand he has one- a sense of humour – just look at all of us AND the duckbill platypus!

    Once more, I over preface…something I will endeavour to try and become more efficient if I comment here again. Edit, edit, edit. See…I did it again. I used three edits when one would do perfectly and now, here I am, wasting more time chatting on about the # of edits. Just turn me off.

    What I intended to say to you Mudplugger, is your explanation has helped things to clear to a nice murky nearly brackish consistencey which is a big improvement over the thick muddy waters as before. Am going eventually to make it to pristine clarity … maybe.

    I am somewhat comparing GB and it’s countries and the ancillary places you named to my country, (and I do know it is a stretch to truly compare the two) which unfortunately, is becoming ever so deluded daily…the South is changing with such speed … downhill speed. Natural change, not forced down your throat change, or change just for the sake of change, is inevitable. I think and I hope change – change for good is desirable in any society, a large metropolis to a little redneck corner of the deep south, and yet change should not do away with the flavour and hopefully values that stand the test of time….in a positive way.

    Anyway I do appreciate the input, and the way it was ‘put’ in a non condescending manner. Maybe, it would behoove others from Great Britian, from what many of the commenters have said here, to consider what has been presented as well as other places in the world, again such as my country, as to who, what, why we are who we are and who,what and where it is we would like to really see our respective country, our corner of the world to really sit in the future.

    Bill, what you have written, I must peruse and chew the cud a bit on your meaning. I am a yo-yo (shhhhh to the peanut gallery) right now, up and down with Old Dog who is long in the tooth like me. Conversely, my little granddaughter, here on an extended visit, is cutting her teeth. Her mommy has been puny. I try to pinch and flirt with Cuddles a bit so he knows I still care. Another child of mine who has been kicked to the side somewhat and who is struggling with issues and pressures of life, I try to encourage but allow to tell me her woes without being shamed for her feelings. All of that to say, I like everyone else have things tugging on them, but still I, we must extend our vision in other directions as well. Other ones dear to us must be petted on, we must take care of ourselves…..but we also must keep our eyes on things beyond which I believe is done here at N.O. So I will give what you say some thought.

    While, and I did not intend to call out people, but since I have, I must say I have missed Ubermouth. I know life has her busy too, it just happens to us all…sometimes all at once. Hope it is because of fun things in her life she has been busy messing around with for several weeks, instead of something sad. She is always a bright spot, and she knows we disagree on politics, but she has her say and sometimes spits in the wind. (Mama Nena would correct me and tell me to say expectorate…I would be thinking, ‘Who on Earth says expectoratate in the wind?’) I have done the same in the company of others, friends, some family who must have been dropped on their heads at birth (just joshing…just a bit) in which I was the lone one on issues. I have learned to duck my spittal. As Jim Croce sings although he has been long gone, ‘ don’t spit in the wind, and you don’t mess around with Jim.’ Now what fun is that, not spitting and messing around? Spitting…. and jabbing Jim is a favourite past time of Uber’s … James needs her to poke him a bit…we all need her to poke him a bit. Please come back from all your partying elsewhere and poke us all some too!

    Must get to my hoeing…in the agricultural sense of the word!

    • July 11, 2018 at 20:09

      Think everyone’s watching the game, Toodles.

    • Distant Relative
      July 11, 2018 at 20:43

      Glad to be of service. 🙂

    • Mudplugger
      July 11, 2018 at 22:09

      I’ve been called far worse than ‘unplugged’ (usually by our Blocked Dwarf friend, but I know he doesn’t really mean it).

      If I managed to add more clarity than fog, then put that down as a miracle – the complex history and culture of the small islands known as Great Britain is beyond anyone (a) to understand fully and (b) to articulate in fewer than 50 volumes. If anyone ever claims to understand it objectively, they’re lying, because everyone approaches it with ‘baggage’.

      Culturally and constitutionally it is utterly different from the USA – one is a collection of separate states which choose to share some common features at a federal level but retain independence at others: the other nation is an unstructured conglomeration of tribes held together only by the realisation that separately they don’t amount to a hill of beans. But together, as a very small, remote island group, they somehow managed to have quite an impact, as they will continue to do, at least for as long as this default global language that we all use persists.

  7. The Blocked Dwarf
    July 11, 2018 at 22:21

    “sometimes I can come up for air after bending over double with the silly giggles”-Toddles

    Then my work is here done.

  8. Toodles McGhee
    July 11, 2018 at 22:55

    A good day has been had by all….most. Sorry about the game.

    • Bill
      July 12, 2018 at 08:52

      What game?

      There are five countries on this island. (Leaving Northern Ireland and all the little islands aside for a moment.)
      There are two states.
      The state that is a member of the European Union is the state of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
      The state that is not in the European Union or any union of any sort as far as I know is the City of London state.
      There are at three nations.
      English Scots Welsh.
      There are three kingdoms and one principality.
      Scotland, England, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. Wales is the principality.

      The United Nations is portrayed as a union of nations but the reaility is its a union of states. No different to your place.
      There are no unions of nations. Nations do not need states. States do not need nations. Unions need members, at least two of them.
      The United Nations is neither state nor nation.
      The European Union is neither state not nation.
      Three states do not belong to any union of states.
      Vatican, City of London, Washington District of Columbia.

      Is it any wonder the world of humanity is so ducked up and out of touch with the world as is.

      Were one state of the United States For America say “duck this shit” and walk away from said union it becomes a state ‘in its own right’.
      Were all the states of the union to walk away the union lose its illusion of existence.
      Not the same here as there are nations and kingdoms within one state, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. The City of London is a state in and of itself.

      It’s all a play on words to blind the mind.

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