Islam [a reasonably complete guide]

It’s important that the reader understands where I’m coming from here. Material further down came from my own reading but I also have 78 pages on a disk with really old material from Islamic sources as well as from Jewish and Christian.

It’s true that I am biased, as a Christian conservative Brexiteer and Deplorable but at the same time, I dislike leading or dot joining, I’d prefer to just present what I have, however disjointed it may be and let it go from there.

This was done with the Pizzagate topic as well.

I’ve found that many readers like being spoonfed the complete picture without having to do any exploring and then there are those who don’t trust that [including me] who insist on links to explore.

There’s no easy, glib way on this vast topic. I’ll present as much of what we have as can fit into blogposts.

All right, what is my bias and that of our contributors? Perhaps mine is more extreme in its recommendations but my style in arriving at those recommendations is as moderate as any in the west. My conclusion, from 18 years of reading on the topic is that the Muslims must be deported wholesale from lands where they are not indigenous or have not been there for centuries.

Spain is the test case – it was not even united itself when Islam struck and then followed centuries – its devotees claim a right to the land but paganism and Christianity preceded it, so it does not have any inalienable right to the European continent. None.

The theme running throughout this post is that we have been fed BS from the very beginning on this subject. There was no golden age, there was no cultural high, there was a Persian one though – Islam itself is a destructive method of human enslavement for no good purpose and as a Christian, naturally I am quite sure what the source of it is. For a purpose – yes – but not for a good purpose.

The Gates of Vienna video

There’s no way around it – you have to spend the time. If you skip over it and still hope to engage intelligently, then it will become apparent quickly that you have skipped over it. This post presupposes that you have looked at the material in this video and can speak on it before I will engage further.

Questions which immediately arise

Why was Islam faked for the reasons given near the end of that presentation?  The conclusion is written into the Dome of the Rock – it was to circumvent the Christian narrative which was gripping the known world at that time.  It emphatically states its purpose, it’s quoted in the presentation in visual form.

Next question – who, apart from the much later Muslim religion, wants to kill off any talk of Jesus? Firstly, the Jews of course because if the Jesus story has historicity, then possibly what he was quoted as saying negates their own concept of Messiah.

There is also another group who want it killed off – the keepers of the Mystery Religions and who are they?  Well, the pagans, yes but one particular lot of pagans – those who are now Masons, their whole narrative is Mystery Religion, the Great Work of Ages – everything emanates from it – the Shamballa, Gaia, Set, the Statues of Liberty in NY and Paris, pure Mason, pure Ishtar and Astarte – that’s why this symbolism abounds, it’s being kept alive and sick by these people in these esoteric, arcane societies.

These things are anathema to Muslims according to their suras and hadiths – anything the Muslims are pushing is also false goddery – so why are the two working so hand-in-hand?  Why is one importing the other into western society so vehemently?

I suggest that an atheist has no chance at all of understanding this because he is ignoring crucial parts of history, which drove history.  To understand any of this, you have to know about the warring Caliphs around Petra in the 600s, about the Dome of the Rock, about the qiblas. You have to understand what they were attacking and why.

The Renaissance of Classical learning – why then?  Later, around 1776 – why the new god of Science with a capital S?  Royal Society etc.?  Why Kepler played down and Venetian approved scientists extolled?  Why the Illuminati?  Who actually are they?  Who do they see as their greatest threat?  Same as in 691 in Jerusalem.

What’s Blake’s Jerusalem about?

All that is a subsequent post.  This one today is restricted just to Islam, the invented religion.

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There are many other posts but not specifically addressing Islam.

Covered within all those posts is the theme introduced by Dr. Jay Smith that most people are unaware of what the real roots of Islam are, who is really running the show and what is the purpose of our real enemy in bringing in the hordes to Europe and to the rest of the west.

There is also the question, not covered in enough detail yet, of just HOW we can rid ourselves of Islam from our lands. When there still was a Christendom, however false it was, however connected to Them it became, nevertheless, there were still the means to eliminate it, to drive it out.

Christendom was a most useful concept in political, not just religious terms and it had its uses – this being one of them. But with the assault on Christianity starting in force some decades back, what began with a certain godlessness among the Boomers, festered by the Laurel Canyon set and others, became almost a fashionable thing among the acid house Generation X and now it is the norm among the Millennials – some of Generation Z are starting though to push back.

There’s never been a more useless generation than the Millennials but Gen Z are showing some positive signs in places.

In short, there is no political will up top to drive Islam from these shores, just as there is no political will to do what the people voted for and Brexit now. Islam is being used by the real enemy who are stupid enough, in a Vortigern way, to think they can control the monster.

Unless of course, they both stem from the same source – one of the posts above addresses that.

In short again, Islam must go now and the mosques must come down but who is going to start the ball rolling? Mr. Salvini in Italy is finding it hard going.

If it is not done though, then the west is dead and along with it goes all learning, Abrahamic or classical, no distinction.

Both Them and Islam love destroying libraries.

Both are ignorant barbarians. They have a vested interest in being so.

9 comments for “Islam [a reasonably complete guide]

  1. dearieme
    August 27, 2018 at 14:27

    “Islam, the invented religion.” They’re all invented, Hob.

    • August 27, 2018 at 15:00

      Well no, one is not and the forces trying to suppress that one is why the eternal strife. I knew you wouldn’t look at the presentation.

      The 1776 Great Equivalence spouted by the self-judged “Rational” was one of the greatest subterfuges of all time, as it took in the very intelligentsia. Master stroke.

  2. sackersonwp
    August 27, 2018 at 16:13

    There is a technical discussion of variants in qibla orientation here:

    • August 27, 2018 at 16:22

      Talk of “golden age” immediately disqualifies it of course.

      Reading through the David A. King piece, it ignores the main issues it won’t address, issues Jay Smith posed and needs answers for.

      Finished it.

      It’s just a fight with Gibson, ignoring that the major scholars in the area are Wainsborough, Hawting, Crone, Rippon, Hoyland, Nevo and Luling [excuse the anglicisation of those spellings]. Concentrates only on the weakest link, somewhere he can find some holes to pick.

      Still does not address Petra or the Dome.

      Doesn’t even address Tom Holland.

      Very wonky indeed – starts as Muslim apologetics, starts in with the ad hominem early. Hardly a “technical” piece.

  3. August 27, 2018 at 17:30

    A tour de force if ever one was needed.

  4. The Blocked Dwarf
    August 27, 2018 at 19:23

    “My conclusion, from 18 years of reading on the topic is that the Muslims must be deported wholesale from lands ”

    The problem with that sort of Endlösung der Musselmannfrage is , to misquote “V” : “Behind this hijab, Mr McCready there is not just flesh but an ideology and ideologies are bullet (and deportation)proof”

    We need to take a lesson from the measly 200K who turned out to greet the Pope. JP2 pulled in a crowd of a million + (admittedly JP was a rock star compared to the current non-entity in the pink knitted 3 tier crown). 200K who were prepared to drive the miles and get soaked in the Liquid sunshine of an Irish summer. What has changed? Changed in a single generation? One can find many parallels between the Catholic ‘ideology’ of 1980s Ireland and the current Islamists. ISIS=IRA for a start.

    You defeat an ideology by undermining it or better still letting it undermine itself and then offering a replacement. As the Irish left wing have done with the Catholic church. Hitler killed some 6 million Jews, did it dent Zionist ideology ? Nope, if anything it made it stronger. Deport all the Muslims and you’ll only achieve is , at best, a lull in proceedings. Flood the MSM with stories of Imam abuse and FGM, prosecute those who do such evil things. Push the ‘Moh was a Pedo’ line.

  5. pete
    August 27, 2018 at 21:54

    I’ve been waiting for this one James.. yet to go through all those links – I’ve only been aware of this for 3 years – thanks to (if I remember right) Harry J’s beautifully written blog

    from the book “Islam In The End Times” :— Truth has fallen in the street – and the consciences of our people have been seared as with a branding iron. As the spiritual decay deepens, a ruthless and devastating evil is being unleashed upon this planet, and it is coming with an intensity unknown since the flood.

    I’ve been shocked why nearly all folk I know don’t seem to really want to know what is happening to our country

    but isn’t this may be why “they” have little concern over us being over-run by the religion of peace –

    the book that helped me most was Diana West’s – The Death of The Grown-Up

  6. Tom
    August 27, 2018 at 22:36

    It’s a little unfair to suggest that atheists won’t be able to *understand* the discussion. I watched the video over at Gates of Vienna with great interest. The historical, archaeological and textual evidence is fascinating and I’d now love to hear the opposing case. The point is rather that atheists will mostly not be interested because they regard *all* of these stories as false. I have often said that most atheists are “a” a specific “theos” because (as Christopher Hitchens used to love to point out) religious people themselves believe most gods and prophets are fake. They only believe in their own and think all the others were made up. So someone becoming an atheist in a Christian country only needs to explain why he thinks Jehovah is made up and Christ’s claims were false. He doesn’t need to persuade his friends and family that Allah is fake. that’s a given.

    That said, Christianity has more historical credibility than Islam because there’s little doubt that its central figure actually lived and made the claims on which it’s based. Some people at the time believed those claims and followed him. I am sure Christ believed them himself but – much as I would love it to be true – can’t get past the thought that there are far more plausible reasons for Christ saying them than that they were true.

  7. August 27, 2018 at 22:41


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