The stage is set downunder

For a competition which was starting to lag, this season’s very even results have resulted in AFL record crowds and not one kneeling traitor to be found, not even Adam Goodes is there now [just remember whose land it is, Goodes, not yours, pal].

The final ladder [table] is:

The two power teams, current premiers Richmond and previous premiers Hawthorn, will meet in an historic final at the MCG, quite fitting, which is where the Tigers [Richmond] play their home games, currently 21 wins on the trot, but Hawthorn have won four recent flags on that ground as well at the business end of the season.

Intriguing game to be sure in two weeks time, massive crowd. Richmond was my stepfather’s team, Hawthorn have been Geelong’s fiercest rivals for so long.

At the other end, Geelong [my father’s team, his other team being Bradford Park Avenue, which had a win yesterday over Hereford] will meet Melbourne [my mother’s team, also that of my step-siblings] also at the MCG. By the way, Melbourne and Geelong are the two oldest football clubs in the world, [1858/9].

There’s been a development:

Giants won’t be totally unhappy to lose, it means they’ll play a derby against the Swans in Sydney, keep it at home.

Forecast for the Cats?  W-e-e-e-l-l-l, best not to get into that.  Cats seem to think they can actually win the flag and they certainly have the personnel to devastate, it’s just that our ladder position is so poor – very difficult to do it from there, no such-placed team has ever done it.

On the other hand, look at the percentages in that table.  Anything over 130% means a team capable of rapid scoring, so look who are the three high scorers in there.  Plus we pipped Melbourne by 0.2% in the end, ha ha.

Meanwhile, also this weekend, the predictable happened with AFC Wimbledon against Sunderland – essentially a League 2 versus a Premier league game – Sunderland will surely be promoted at season-end.

Alabama kick off next weekend, Liverpool secured their result and are sitting on top for now, St Johnstone did all right, beating Dundee.

Not bad results overall – oh, I do like my football.

Update: Finals Week One:

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