We are a very silly team

We really are stupid, frustrating, a despair for every fan:

The story:

Though it’s true the Cats are in a rebuilding phase in 2018, blooding many new players, not expected to be all that high on the ladder [the table], we have typically exceeded ourselves and were sitting in 3rd at one stage, with winnable games coming up.

Guess what happened?  You could have put money on it.

So OK, following the series of losses, we were down in 9th after last week, a typically frustrating few weeks when we were near guaranteed a finals spot, a bit like Champions League over here.

After last week, we were not only a game and percentage out of the finals race, we were now dependent on other results.  I should have guessed we’d come out and start playing like men possessed this week – panic that we might actually miss out on finals football in 2018.

And we still might, despite this percentage boosting result.  And if we do miss out, we have only ourselves to blame.  Just as with me, personally, my woes are mainly my own doing.

Anyway, I looked at the quarter by quarter scores:

They had us down at the end of the first quarter, then something obviously happened, a very Geelong thing.  Most teams just go out and play at a certain pace, not us.  This is the frustration.  From that moment on, Cats scored 23 goals and Fremantle 0 goals.

This is why other teams fear Geelong – we have the talent to obliterate for short periods, last week it was against a top team, this today was against a not bad team, fair to middling.

Ho hum, one game to go and it’s anyone’s guess if we’ll play finals or not.  I’m not worrying myself over it any more.  If we do get in, other sides will be nervous, that’s for sure.  I’ll report next week after the last game.

Sigh.  Er yeah, well done, Cats. I greatly fear next week, the last week of home and away.  We play at home against the weakest team in the competition, with a finals berth up for grabs.  Guess what will happen?  No, I’m not going to be negative, let’s be positive.

Sort of.

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3 comments for “We are a very silly team

  1. Mark Matis
    August 18, 2018 at 16:00

    You know, an inspired fan might send them all some pillows and blankies to use on the sidelines for the first three quarters. And some dungeon master gear for the fourth…

    • August 18, 2018 at 17:45

      I’m sure there are a few of those down there. I see they’re already organizing for next week’s home game.

  2. August 19, 2018 at 13:46

    I’m doubly handicapped, as not only do I support the Mighty Cats, I also support the Mighty Hammers (C’mon you Irons) who seem to be the Cats in claret and blue. For both, the phrase “Consistently inconsistent” springs to mind. But, somehow, I’ll follow both through thick and thin, as all supporters of any sporting team will do. Embrace the highs and say “Oh sod it, I’ll have another beer” through the lows.

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