Letting them frame the debate

Some timely advice from Uncle Chuckles:

… conservatives do it every time as they mindlessly repeat their opponents points and try to refute them, instead of rejecting them in their entirety at the outset.

I’ve seen a lot of this on Twitter of late and have even fallen into it myself, but not for long. It’s when someone comes in, spoiling for a fight and:

1. There is zero substance to the allegations, therefore no need for the fight in the first place;

2. They define the terms and frame the parameters of the “debate” so that the accused simply restates and refutes, using their terms;

3. They run many strawmen, i.e. state that the accused’s position is this or that.

4. They attack personally and attempt to shut down evidence to the contrary.

I had something like this at OoL recently where someone came in, already having decided I had said something I hadn’t and had an attitude I don’t, he then interpreted that according to his own prejudices of what I had previously been guilty of … and I just shut down the thread.

I was then attacked by a different person for shutting down the thread. OK, let’s go through this slowly. See, there is a simple principle here – I check my facts and am careful with my words, therefore people with form already at shooting off their mouths and who have already been hostile in the past get short shrift. That’s how it works.

Now, if someone like John from Cheshire had said it, different matter of course – I’d take a good look.

Also, some people are very topic oriented. So if an Anglican bishop comes in and defends the synod, it means zero to me but if an atheist comes in and says hold on a second, then puts a case defending the synod on this one matter … w-e-e-e-l-l-l, yes, I’d stop and look.

In the case of govt level, the enemy have people already in positions of power to be able to make these wild accusations and the one accused can’t just ignore it. That requires a longterm strategy, such as slowly changing all those officials.

Of course, if you take Uncle Chuckles’s advice, then they go to Plan B and start the personal insults. When that doesn’t work, they get frenetic, frenzied and throw all sorts of things in. if you shut them down and block them, they consider they’ve had a victory and are emboldened to try it again.

Therefore, the only thing is not to engage at all. Apart from denying the charge, Bett Kavanaugh has not engaged, he will wait until Monday to answer questions … well prepared.

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2 comments for “Letting them frame the debate

  1. The Blocked Dwarf
    September 22, 2018 at 13:44

    “Therefore, the only thing is not to engage at all.”

    That tends to work in real life but within the parameters of an online blog tends to lead to ‘echochamberness’-which is fine if that’s what the blogmaster wants, of course…but it can make things a bit ‘sterile’.

  2. Bill
    September 22, 2018 at 16:08

    Frame what they like. Makes no odds as de government always wins no matter what the flavour. Keep voting.

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