Mud sticks

There are known-knowns on my Twitter timeline who will always get the wrong end of the stick and one expects it – why I keep them on and why they keep me on I don’t know but we do.

This one below is a bit more worrying. Her name is Julia Kline and she’s supposedly a lifestyle coach. Just why we follow one another must have been down to something she said long ago.  Maybe on cats or dogs or gardens.

Anyway, one of our regular wrong-getters put up an MSNBC poll saying 47% of Americans believe Trump was wrong speaking of the 3000 dead Puerto-Ricans in the storm [he was saying it was 6 to 18 at the point he left the country after the visit].

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch came in with some stats which backed the Donald.

However, even were MSNBC wildly exaggerating, it’s still too many people sucked in. Ms Kline came back saying it was not an MSNBC poll but a “balanced, independent” poll.

Yeah? Where did she get that from?  It was bleedin’ MSNBC, home of Mad Cow.

There was silence in her heaven for the space of half an hour, then she came back with:

Really clinched the argument, that one, didn’t it?

I replied, ‘Bless you, Julia.’

Anyway, I was talking with my friend in the US and saying that I’d seen that deSantis [Rep] was behind in Florida, behind that black guy.  Many ethnics and many young women seem to be sharp, sharp in manner perhaps but essentially spouting drivel.

But worse than spouting drivel, they are false, lying through their teeth.  Take this one, mentioned by Anna Bacon:

Add to that the Mexican illegals and the dead and it’s by no means a done deal that the GOP will have majorities.  The Dems are not playing nice.

The error methinks we are making is that we assume, even sub-consciously, that people act rationally, according to the facts as put by, say, Judicial Watch or Assange.

They have counter-“facts” from the MSM and choose to believe them.

Therefore the Donald is, by definition in their eyes, a liar because Maxine and Pocahontas say so.  They are deeply offended by our using words like Pocahontas and SoyBoy and our disdain does not help the cause of winning over the snowflake – oops, there I go again.

I’d say the GOP wants to be careful – too late now to change candidates but there is also the fact that most if not all key positions are currently in the hands of these crazy PCists – they are the incumbents and they’re clinically insane.

We were discussing a particular town where “the mayor is an absolute crazed mess and her husband is worse. Her circle has taken hold of that community and they’re as wild as Indians, that bunch.”  Call it Anytown, USA.

After a long time, this sort of thing seeps deep into a community so that they become incapable of coming back out of it.  The ordinary apolitical people actually start to adopt the lexicon and framing, even when arguing against.

It is very, very clever, PCism, it appeals to something vaguely feely-goody – yes we can, delivered with passion. Passion, emotion, invented facts.

The Deplorables have not won this battle yet by a long shot, way too many silent nutters whose reality is that of the ideologues.  Could be your mother, brother, even your wife and they’re going to that polling station to put a cross in the box of a Democrat for some insane reason – Stockholm Syndrome?

3 comments for “Mud sticks

  1. Mark Matis
    September 14, 2018 at 12:55

    The GOP has no desire to WIN. The party as a whole would rather turn Congress – BOTH houses – over to the Democrats to destroy President Trump. And they and their big bucks donors are doing their best to do so.

    THAT is why I posted my intentions if they successfully remove President Trump from office:

    I will kill every “Law Enforcement” officer I can find, and every one of their spouses. Because it is THEY who are at the root of the fraud, corruption, treason, and sedition that is rampant throughout US government at ALL levels.

    • September 14, 2018 at 15:28

      We’re getting to end zone time.

    • September 15, 2018 at 03:02

      I knew it ! I knew it. Noddy knew it. Big Ears knew it. It was Mr Plod all along !!

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