The power of self-delusion

There’s a time and a place for self-delusion – the child imagines himself a super-hero, a cop or whatever, a girl imagines herself a princess – but there comes a time, if you get my drift, when …

But sometimes the self-delusion continues, e.g. Jim Carrey saying yes to socialism when every rational indicator shows that it never works, has never worked, except for the cushy lives of the politburo [see Brussels now].

There are things which do work, e.g. the soviet central heating of large housing blocks and in those temps, the two foot thick walls and central heating, cost free, is good.  but oh how those people paid for that in other ways.

Here are two other examples of self-delusion:

You get what you pay for

Everyone knows things are not always what they’re cracked up to be, that name brand stock is priced into the stratosphere, e.g. Apple products and yet, against that, it does use better components, it is of better design, it’s smoother to use and has a certain elegance.

It does, otherwise people would buy on name for a while, then drop away as it becomes apparent that the quality has dipped.  My iPad still does what it’s intended to do, and does it well, no fuss. £640 it was for that model and well worth it because my blogging etc. depends on something like that. My MacBookPro still works, OS is out of date though.

I have a pair of cooking pans I swear by, they are solid, there’s no play in the handles, they wipe clean, they distribute and then retain heat – what more does one want?  They weren’t cheap, in fact they were outside my range but as they’re not a car or golf club set, then why not go with good quality in just a few items?  It can be made up for in the loo roll.

And years later, they look just as good. I’m not so sure about these:

Not content with taking on high street fashion, Aldi is now hoping to win over shoppers with the launch of a stylish new kitchenware range.

The German discount chain has unveiled a trendy ironware collection that looks remarkably similar to signature designs by French brand Le Creuset.

Shoppers can pick from a selection of non-stick skillets, grill trays, frying pans, tagines, roasters, and a casserole dish starting from just £12.99.

What are you trying to do with Le Creuset?  Show off or have the quality of genuine pans?

There’s a type of person, especially women, who know the price of everything and the value of nothing, there are those who know quality items back to front and have no money to pay for them so they put them on the never-never.

Their lives are spent visiting their “pals'” houses and looking down their noses, turning them up or being envious.  That is so nowhere it’s not funny.

Against that, I had a set of jeans of a certain label in Russia and they were the real thing but must have fallen off the lorry somewhere along the chain in France.  The texture and feel, the cut, the colour tone – they were the goods all right.  Inside the waistline, triple-stitched, with gussets, they withstood everything and were flattering to my shape.

So I really do understand women when they speak of texture and tone – you know when you touch it how good it is, sometimes it is well worth it.  With a pair of trousers, I’d say they’re well worth it, with shoes it certainly is if it’s a genuine make, leather soles.  Sadly, I have none anymore, left in some country somewhere and never recovered.  These here now are ersatz, like the ersatz les Creusets, and they break after a year, like my HP laptop.

Sorry darling but you’ve let yourself go

This banner ad was running at the Wail while the Le Creuset article was open.  There’s another, far less flattering pic of her with rolls of fat.

Confidence they say?  Confidence?  How?  They’re kidding her and she’s kidding herself big time.  Sorry, ladies, but adipose tissue is your enemy and getting the balance right is everything, otherwise you feel perma-yuk.

Men have their own crosses to bear of course.

And I’m sorry but exercise is the thing.  Leggy was saying he didn’t modify his intake but as a janitor at one time, he was constantly physically working, also walking – it does have a marked effect and you can still eat what you want.

You stop that natural exercising and you become a blob, death-coloured too, unless you also drastically alter your intake.  But people don’t, women don’t, they start bingeing on comfort food, don’t they?

Am I being cruel?  Maybe but it’s Emperor’s New Clothes, innit?  And don’t you think I’m talking at myself, reminding myself, not having a go at any of you?  How can I know what you’re like or not like?  I say don’t drop the treats and snacks and happy things, keep them going but at the same time, get naturally exercising, e.g. handwashing clothes, e.g. cooking and cleaning.

How many rabid young Snowflakes do housework in a real way now, as their grandmothers once did?  There was value in that lifestyle.

So this rubbish in the ad about confidence is just that – rubbish.

Oh and by the way, the tatts are never too far away from someone who’s let herself go, are they?  I expected tatts on the woman in that ad, and there they were.

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11 comments for “The power of self-delusion

  1. The Blocked Dwarf
    September 14, 2018 at 13:55

    Some years ago I got an entire set of Le Creuset off Freecycle, several hundred pounds worth I should think and i admit the heat distribution etc was amazingly good. Cooking with them was a delight. Then I turned 40 and suddenly realised I didn’t actually need to put myself through the upper body workout that was the large LeC filled with boiling potatoes. Also I couldn’t put them in the dishwasher and the enamel started to go as well. In the end I gave them all to a charity shop when we moved (after they had sat in the cupboard for several years unused).
    So now I continue to use, daily, the same steel pans that we were given as a wedding present in ’89, which were expensive at the time but proper West German quality- WMF. I recall the large pan cost over 50DM which was about half of my daily wage at the time. I must remember to go online and see if I can get replacement handles for a couple of them.

    • September 14, 2018 at 15:30

      Thank goodness for charity shops, post coming up including that.

  2. Mudplugger
    September 14, 2018 at 15:37

    About a year ago I bought a large non-stick frying-pan from Aldi, about £3.99 from memory, and I expected little of it. However, it’s been the best non-sticker I’ve ever had: despite frequent use at very high temperatures, albeit with careful use of utensils, its non-stick surface and function remains perfect.
    Far more expensive pans have failed in that timescale so, on this measure, the cheap-as-chips approach worked.
    But I won’t be investing in their half-ton crock-pots, as TBD observes above, I don’t need that level of exercise.

    • The Blocked Dwarf
      September 14, 2018 at 15:52

      I hear what you say about the cheap non-stick frying pans. A couple of years someone was selling the ‘KALVAKAD’ ones IKEA used to sell/sell(?) for a £1 a throw at the local car boot. Having given up on having to replace professional grade frying pans (ie cost 3 times more than Tefal and are heavy enough to stop a 45.Cal bullet) every year I thought I would risk a quid . Damn thing is so light that if I put the extractor fan on when cooking it lifts off the stove, thinner than my bank balance and slipperier than a politician. But it has lasted brilliantly. Now I wish I had bought ten off that Del Boy…and they weren’t even dented by the fall off the lorry. Now that’s quality gear, my son!

  3. James Strong
    September 14, 2018 at 15:58

    There is no problem at all with a woman carrying a few extra pounds, and the woman in the picture you show is very attractive, apart from the tattoo.

    You and your healthy heterosexual readers could do a little thought experiment:

    Think of a woman you fancy, then imagine her half a stone heavier. Do you still fancy her?

    I would guess you could add a stone to most fanciable women without it making a difference.

    As for confidence, again something for your healthy heterosexual readers to imagine:
    it’s not difficult to look at a woman from behind and make a reasonable guess as to whether or not you might fancy her. And you can’t see her face. Of course body shape is part of that, but a lot of it is the way she carries herself, and that’s largely related to confidence.

    And exercise related to food intake for weight control: food intake is far more important. Professional athletes and teams use highly-skilled nutritionists to plan their diets.

    A competitive bodybuilder once told me that weight is 85% dependent on what you eat, not the exercises you do. Maybe he was wrong, maybe it’s only 80%, but the point still holds. If you think you can exercise your way to weight loss you are going to be disappointed.

    I eat anything I want, at any time I want, without restriction. That’s why I am about 8 kilos overweight, BMI about 27, and my 10k race times are getting slower. And I don’t care.

    • Bill
      September 14, 2018 at 16:00

      BMI ?

    • September 14, 2018 at 16:50

      She weighed two hundred and three but that was OK by me, it was lots of action eh, James?

  4. Bill
    September 14, 2018 at 15:59

    Aldi cast iron milk pan and frying pan, both working exactly as specified and have done for years. Okay the cast iron is Chinese not French in origin but makes little difference and the cast iron frying pan is naturally non stick unlike the ‘teflon’ variety that always eventually flakes off meaning by the time the eyes notice the body has already consumed some, urgh.

    You clearly have an issue with tats that much is obvious though why isn’t but hey we all have clouds of our own making under which we wander.

  5. The Blocked Dwarf
    September 14, 2018 at 16:11

    “BMI ?”-Bill

    Body Mass Index , like I.Q it is a ‘holy number’ with absolutely no real meaning but politicians and Health Nannies just lurrrv to build new policies around it.

    • Bill
      September 15, 2018 at 07:41

      Aah thank ee kindly young man.

      So it’s a bullshit measuring stick invented by bullshitters to encourage people to spout bullshit to others and get them all believing in bullshit.
      Just the same as the left/right politics game.

      Rinse wash repeat, who knew such a simple brain wash could cloud so many minds so effectively for so long.

  6. The Blocked Dwarf
    September 14, 2018 at 23:23

    On rewriting history to provide strong female role models I have spent most of this evening watching this ….it being the same epic length as The Hobbit (so about a week) and about as historically accurate:

    Apparently Viking and Frisian women were super-duper ninja-ettes, in perfect makeup, who would even take their babies with them when storming heavily fortified Frankish castles (strangely enough all the C7th Frankish soldiers wore Norman style chain mail and could have stepped straight off the Bayeaux wallpaper).

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