We are fed up with it [part two]

The purpose of this post is not to re-argue the case but to show what reaction there is, especially from women.

I contend that women, once they reflect on something, are certainly to be listened to on a question like this. Of course, there were leftist women, the Me Toos, auto-saying they believe the exploded Ford and every one of them says she just has this feeling it’s so. Compare that to these ladies below:

OK, now I’m not submitting that as evidence, as we’ve already covered that in previous posts. It’s just a sample of the flooded net tonight with women saying this sort of thing.

Some men obviously made comment too, in particular Senator Hatch, part of the committee to hear the case on Monday. Feinstein, the Senator making the accusation for this Ford, had said they don’t accept this inquiry, they want the FBI investigating it.

Given what we know of the FBI currently under scrutiny, the Dems obviously believe they’re assured of a good result with an FBI still under their control.

But before even getting to that, one from Wayne Dupree, radio talkback host, commenting on Feinstein, at the same time as demanding the FBI carry our a month long investigation, also said the accusation may not be truthful:

Senator Hatch:

And of course, everything and I mean everything, is about power, which the confirmation of Kavanaugh really makes a dent in. The plan is to delay past the midterms and get enough seats to be able to stymie any GOP appointments:

While in one sense, one can’t blame the Democrats for doing what they can to stymie any appointment, there are also procedures, habeas corpus, the law itself and the one that many of the women are outraged by – the using, by the Me Too movement, supposedly gunning for women, of a supposed victim’s case as a political tool to stop a governmental appointment.


Feinstein, by the way, has communist connections and Brennan actually is one.