Hurricane Michael

On the surface, it does not look as if the brunt will hit my friends, they’re just a few miles across from the hard edge of the hurricane but it’s still going to be breezy [this was some hours ago]:

An announcement that tropical storm conditions (sustained winds of 39 to 73 mph) are expected somewhere within the specified coastal area within 36 hours. …TROPICAL STORM WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT…

Having always been one preferring to write from a personal point of view, with the official news just as a backdrop, it’s greatly appreciated to be getting bulletins out of the area itself and so, to set the scene, the river scene in calmer days is at the top of this post.

Now, to convert that to the night scene:

It’s a tidal river connected to a bay, which is connected to the ocean, so they get surges and high tides.  To illustrate this, the next pic was taken a short time ago by our intrepid correspondent tiptoeing out to the wire screen:

And remember that that was well before the storm was even due to arrive.

Compare the water level there to that of the pic at the top. And there is also the ornery heron they call Ole Igor splashing about out there with ne’er a care. If a human appears on the verandah [house is on stilts], Igor apparently does not like it and starts cawing possessively or whatever herons do:

I’m told the water is currently lapping under the house itself.

Finally, if all goes pear-shaped before the night’s out [it’s 2.30 a.m. there now] or during the following daylight, then there is always the escape route:

Now, I’m hoping to return the favour when our Michael Fish moment comes in the next few months and to get shots of this top floor being carried away by the elemental forces of nature.

As for flooding, hardly probable here as, though I gaze down on the Manchester Shipping Canal, I’m in a big building high on a hill and I myself am on the fourth floor of that. So wind will be more the issue in my case, plus the delightful way it rains inside the place.

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5 comments for “Hurricane Michael

  1. Toodles McGhee
    October 11, 2018 at 06:29

    It is nice to have good neighbors such as the Cajun Navy. Prayers for those harmed in anyway by the devastatingly powerful Hurricane Michael.

    Hope lordsomber has been untouched by the Gulf Storm.

    I have seen locals band together and it is a joy to behold, these brave souls that come together for a common cause. When the Deep Water Horizon devastated the Gulf Region I recall as many of you may remember, that our environment was becoming a wasteland before our very eyes. It was a horrible time.

    Everything about what happened seems premeditated. The fact that the leader of my country would prevent the stoppage of zillions of gallons of oil a minute from being stopped and /or to prevent citizens from doing what each could do in his own epicenter to halt the mess from spreading by our then president was mind boggling.

    England was not innocent either. Also, here and there, where were all of the Climate Change proponents and all of the so called ‘Greenies’ who are normallythemselves are proponents for veganism, and hey fine eat all the grass you want. I really hope you are healthy as a goat because of it, I mean I hope you are as healthy as a disease free live oak that had not been harmed from the putrid water contaminated from the putrid oil spill that putrid people prevented from being quickly as possible stopped.

    Where were those Climate Changers, Greenies, Vegans when ‘those people’ purposely dragged their stinky, sludge filled between the toes feet from the enormous flow of poison AND gunk from being being stopped, or at least slowed, for which seemed an eternity down here in our tiny microcosim– our homes, our envionment? Our homes AND the home of animals, wild and domestic, the home of plants as well, I recall were illsupported by the Vegan are Us folks for those of us suffering and at our wits end trying to grasp and understand why our plight which seemed terribly insignificant to the normal so called lovers of nature the screamers and ridiculers of supposed wrongs seemed quiet and hushed to us down this way.

    Certainly one would naturally think the movements on which I have been railing would, or should have been outraged about and inflamed over the behaviour of that leader from Hell and those with whom he is incohoots?

    To this day he is lauded by those very same groups as a hero. Some of them comment on this blog from time to time. All along the Gulf Coast we were threatened by our leader as the proclamation trickled down from him, or who knows, from someone else, that we were to do NOTHING to protect our water ways and wildlife and their habitats with whom we share the land and water. My home on which I pay taxes is home to many critters besides Cuddles, Old and me. We welcome them when they come and miss them when they leave. For our year round families of the critter kingdom we are grateful. Grateful for their company and diligent work, for the joy their lives bring to us and others.

    Where am I going with this? The Cajun Navy and those who are similar in their actions and deeds who are brave in the midst of danger — for the world is dangerous in heretofore unimaginable ways in Western civilisation. With the oil spill, and that is just one example of the threats we face by defending and protecting ourselves, our families, our country and our culture and also for protecting the potential in trying to achieve the chance to enjoy a life as good as it, our human lives can perhaps become. For each person that is a different thing. Most women would abhor my lifestyle which to them appears unglamorous. So be it.

    I saw a group of people put together a system which would hopefully prevent the spread of the poison into our waterways and tributaries and eventually watersheds which reach far and wide. These folks were brave and diligent, this local group. I thank them for their resourcefulness and their bravery because they, under our new leadership at that time of the no longer free world, they could have been in deep s h, er sludge for doing a good thing.

    The Cajun Navy, are brave and caring heros who potentially endanger themselves by sailing from their homes in order to help their neighbors several doors over. They leave their own families to do such kind things.

    Will there come a day when reaching out to help one’s neighbor is not allowed ? Please say, No. Are there things happening in western civilisation that logically one should be able to do and use to do, but now cannot?

    It starts out with seemingly insignificant things and then there are more things with only minor significance being absorbed and I believe if anyone reads this can definitely fill in the blank, even a Greenie, Climate Changer, and the peaceful, loving and ‘do as thy willst as long as it is my willst’ Veganist.

    One may think I have a problem with someone being a Vegan. I do not. They are simply an example of a movement reaching beyond their scope and reaon for being.

    One more thing, obviously the environment in which we live, be it on the Gulf Coast, South Africa, or the Manchester Canal is not stagnant. The Gulf Stream flows where it flows and then from there it goes where it goes. Sorry for the muck and sludge world.

    • October 11, 2018 at 07:01

      I think you’re referring to Obama there?

      I’m just stunned that any human being in the States would even consider voting Dem in these midterms, given their behaviour. Surely half the country can’t be lowlifes?

  2. Toodles McGhee
    October 11, 2018 at 22:29

    There are many kinds if hurricanes. Some are acts of nature as with Hurricane Michael, which I am so sorry for all those who have lost so much.

    Some can be cute and little, but still a force of nature, such as Hurricane GrandToodles.

    Others can be political hurricanes. Hurricane_______.
    Fill in the blank. They are the most long term in their reach and devastation.

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