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Beautiful pic of the changing sight of the land from Cherie.

D for Doom at Amfortas

A great deal of feminist hysteria comes from pure irrationalism. Feminists believe all sorts of things that are in fact mutually contradictory.

Capitalists at Work have this:

The Democrats in the US, broad church though they are, have much of the Corbynista about them. Many of them are utterly obsessed with identity politics, socialism and many kinds of other ideologies that allow for a stand on both victimhood and hate of the right.

Tom and the vicissitudes of travelling – I’ve done that route too:

It was a frivolous idea but it led to some good fun. Mrs P2-elect and I crossed from Birkenhead to Belfast on the 1030 sailing on Friday. I wasn’t too happy that Speranza travelled on an outside deck, exposed to weather and spray, but the passage was calm and agreeable enough, if a little boring.

AK Haart is also travelling but in a different way:

While on holiday in Norfolk we took the opportunity for a spot of bird watching. We are definitely not bird-watchers in anything resembling a knowledgeable sense but these days it is something we enjoy. However –

Daily Mail back issues at Sackers’s place.

Julia on the Abasement Olympics:

Good grief! Was the brewery besieged by Hindus with flaming torches and pitchforks?

Mark on the joys of biking:

We got two days’ worth of cycling in during this holiday. There was some fine weather when we first arrived in Neuf-Brisach, but then it turned wintry: cold, windy and raining. We’re leisure bikers and braving the rain and cold on a bicycle isn’t our idea of fun.

Mark W on women abandoning calls for equal treatment:

The state pension age for women will rise to 65 on Tuesday to match men for the first time since 1940, reaching a milestone that has prompted warnings from campaigners that the pace of equalisation has left some female retirees realising that life isn’t a bed of roses for men either.

67 for men soon.

The Pub Curmudgeon and the lost local:

I have a local pub, and indeed an architecturally distinguished one. Five years ago, I wrote about how the Sunday lunchtime drinking experience had been affected by the tides of change through the years. I used to go in there most weeks, at least once, sometimes more. Yet now I hardly ever visit it apart from delivering the local CAMRA magazine. I can’t really call it my “local” in any meaningful sense. So what has gone wrong?

Demetrius and the Europe which might have been:

As a well read student of the past he was aware of the many complications. Above all, the Intelligence part of World War 2 had taught him how to select and analyse material and what not to say.

This is getting a tad long now so there’ll need to be a part two.

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  1. CherryPie
    November 8, 2018 at 21:26

    “67 for men soon”

    67 for women too. It depends for both men and women on the year you were born whether you have to wait until 67 or receive it slightly earlier.

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