The power of the ingenue?

There are two initial points. Firstly, most redblooded men love an ingenue and many women find them cute too. The second is that too many times, some girl is in a clip and no one knows who she is and the comments section is full of ‘who is that girl’ etc.

Well, the first one here, the singer/ violinist/dancer, is a Hillary Klug, a graduate from MTSU in a place called Murfreesboro, TN and she’s an established performer.

This is often the case – the darling you think is just an amateur has, in fact, been performing on and off for some time. First, Hillary:

There’s a girl named Izar Herran who covered the Zevon song Carmelita. She opened with:

Recorded in 2002 at MrJam studios
Sorry for the accent, I am spanish…

Guaranteed to get the boys in and so it turned out – I am one of the millions:

Everyone knows, of course, of Lillian Gish who was not nearly as saccharine sweet as in the roles she played, though she was by no means a “bad” lady – she was just as you and I are, some good points, some not so good. Some pictures of Lily:

In interview:

The term “ingenue” is a bit jaundiced in that it suggests that the girl is “putting it on” a bit, is using it for advantage and so many of the nice girls I know do anything they can to dispel the image of “niceness” in real life, they detest the word “cute”.

Lillian Gish tried in that interview to present the harder side but all she did was endear herself more with both men and women.

See, the thing is – you can try to be this or that but in the end, character does come through and if you really are a “girl next door”, sooner or later it shows through in a concern, in a chosen phrase.

Not sure what the term is for the type – it’s not ingenue, that is not the right word.

Anyway, one more of Hillary:

2 comments for “The power of the ingenue?

  1. Andy5759
    November 8, 2018 at 22:28

    Men do have the instinct to protect females, especially those seen as vulnerable. It goes against the current narrative that women are at least equal to men but, as I say, it’s instinctive and who can understand or explain that?

  2. The Blocked Dwarf
    November 8, 2018 at 22:48

    MTSU in a place called Murfreesboro, TN

    HAH! I have actually heard of the Middle Tennessee State, infact aside from the IV ones everyone has heard of , it is one of the few that I know the name of. Their English lecturer/Dr. puts up all his classes online and, sad old man that I am, an hour and half’s video of him explaining Beowulf, Caedmon, The Wanderer or Chaucer is a highlight of my week.

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