The Senate majority is now not guaranteed

Again, why would I get out of bed at 01.45 a.m. to write a political post? Answer is that it’s just outrageous.

Yes, you might say, and what has that to do with you? How can your blogging alter it? The answer is – probably not but if people in the US pick up on it, and remember this can be from any country originally, then the word does spread:

This lady then followed:

Her warning was then was retweeted by each of her thousands and so it exponentially goes on. That’s what viral is about. Marcus Rubio was one who picked up on the story and more on that further down.

Just a quick summary first – there is a caravan coming to the US border, it’s still coming.

At the same time, there is Mueller, the new Attorney General, the DOJ, Ginsburg, Michigan fraud, Georgia fraud, incoming Dem chairman to try to impeach Kavanaugh – all that going on, distracting from other things happening.

Charlie Kirk:

Over 60% of Michigan counties had more registered voters than citizens. This same irregularity occurred in 76% of states and 15% of U.S. counties. Over 3.5 million reported suspicious or fraudulent registered voters reported in 2016 election.

Only in Democrat states. How on earth is it allowed to continue? That would take several posts. All right, onto tonight’s story. A congressional candidate took a photo of ballot boxes being transferred to a truck from a private car:

Rubio saw it tweeted, got onto it and then onto other aspects:

Then the picture came through of the ballots left sitting on a special table 48 hours after the vote finished.

But Florida law says only ballots submitted within 30 minutes can be counted.

Now let’s just bring this together.  The GOP has the Senate, right?

Wrong – in the case of Scott [FL], they’ve suddenly discovered boxes of votes.  If the margin gets within a certain percentage, an automatic recount is triggered and guess what – mysterious Florida boxes will suddenly be found from that truck.

How on earth is that possible? Where is the regulator, the authority to stop this sort of thing? Answer? Here is the regulator, outed by Charlie Kirk:

But not only is Scott [FL] now threatened, there’s also Martha McSally in Arizona who had the race for the Senate sown up until they found late boxes of votes long after the event, in other words – just now:

She was a GOP win, now she’s mysteriously fallen behind the Democrat for the Senate and seems likely to lose.  So that Senate majority is under attack anywhere a GOP Senator got in.  Using the same tactic in every state.

And as for the De Santis win in Florida for the governorship, the Dems have started putting out signs again for the defeated Dem candidates, anticipating a re-vote, not unlike the Remoaners’ 2nd referendum.  Long after the election is over:

However, the GOP chairwoman has picked up on the shenanigans and has things rolling:

Here she is:

Just to recap – this one woman, Snipes, already had up for fraud in previous elections, is still in place supervising.  How?  Because as you see above, the Dems controlled SCOTUS and the state judiciary and the supervisors and all the ground level staff.

Which is why Trump concentrated first on the Senate race this time because a Senate majority ensures SCOTUS is untouched.

Which makes now, in the case of Scott and McSally, a threatened majority. Which makes SCOTUS unable to rebuff Dem attempts to impeach everyone they wish, including their prime target – DJT.  It also stops the new AG and any other appointment DJT makes.

And don’t forget that the new Dem chairman has aready said they’re impeaching Kavanaugh.  So, Dem majority on SCOTUS again.  Except that Ginsburg is retiring in January.

Why would the Dems back down now on her?  Not her ribs, that’s for sure.  It’s because they are sure they will have the majority on SCOTUS by January, through all these ballot boxes now appearing.

The only way this can be stopped is for federal intervention to ensure the states laws are upheld, at a time Trump has supported states rights but if they move to impeach Kavanaugh, then the GOP majority is overturned and the impeachment goes through.

That is why I’m up now blogging about this – it is happening right now.


McSally [R] was 17,000 votes up with 99% counted, Arizona refused to finish and call it.  Days after the vote.

Suddenly that 17,000 lead has become a 2000 vote defeat to the Dem, so the Senate does not get the GOP Senator, it’s a Dem instead. They found some boxes of votes.

Think about that, then look at Georgia, Florida, Wisconsin.

6 comments for “The Senate majority is now not guaranteed

  1. November 9, 2018 at 02:49

    Now people, if this fraud stands, then the Dems have both houses, plus SCOTUS. Think of the implications, starting with the caravans.

  2. November 9, 2018 at 03:34

    Another Florida update: this Snipes, a black woman already convicted for fraus has refused to say how many ballots are left to count and has shut the GOP scrutineers out of the count. Florida law enforcement are “investigating”.

    Where are the Feds?

  3. The Blocked Dwarf
    November 9, 2018 at 05:59

    Outrageous indeed…and disgraceful and disgusting. I wish I could say ‘it would never happen here’ but….

    • Twisted Root
      November 9, 2018 at 09:53

      I’ve said it before; there has never been a contested election in the western world which hasn’t gone to the side who cheated more effectively and that goes for any election – right down to dog catcher. Democracy has to go. Fortunately the Democrats are on the case.

  4. Distant Relative
    November 9, 2018 at 09:26

    Republican Gov Rick Scott makes statement – worth a 7 min listen, imo

  5. November 9, 2018 at 09:50


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