Youth and the Marxist culture war

It’s so important that youth wakes up to the Great Lie but is the Millennial “Blonde” [in the clip at the end of this post] the only Millennial awake out there?  The major question is what the proportion of “Blonde thinkers” is among Millennials and post-Millennials. Will it increase?

Here’s a comment by a chap called Gary A. De Pietro:

I’m about 30 years older than you. When I was a little kid growing up in the late 1950s and early 1960s, we heard about Senator Joseph McCarthy. Back in the late 1940s to early 1950s he had this “crazy” idea that Marxist Communists had infiltrated Hollywood and they were writing their ideology into things they produced for the Movies and Media.

A panel was formed called the House Committee on Un American activities and it was nipped in the bud. The writers were blacklisted and we were good to go. By the 1960s, people had all but forgotten about this and if you look at some of the programs and movies from that era you can see the change.

And as the years went on it got worse. Now here we are with Marxist groups like ANTIFA “protesting” in the streets and we wonder where this came from. When Moms and Dads sat their kids in front of the TV set or sent them to the movies they trained them well. And now the chickens have come home to roost and everyone wonders why.

Thing is, McCarthy was actually right in his general contention but had too much baggage, he was an easy target for pillorying. Senator Jenner was more personable but he too got the treatment, anyone who’s tried to stop this juggernaut has copped it badly.  There were things which really got in the way with McCarthy:

1. He was borderline alcoholic, used to bullying and as Eisenhower said – it was not the principles he disagreed with – he agreed with many of them – but the way, after the initial Ten had been nailed, that it became a bit indiscriminate, quite indiscriminate, to the extent that if one was accused, one had to defend oneself.  it became guilty until proven innocent, which is not what the right is about, it is about habeas corpus.

McCarthy gave the very monster he was attacking all the fuel it needed.

2. And in nailing people called communist, he missed the very people perpetrating the trouble – those safe and secure up there in govt and NGO corridors, Them, sitting behind and above the McCarthy chair, observing him grilling some poor left-liberal for entertaining the idea of communism.

The Right turned on him and said, “Enough!” He had just created a new victim class. Them had given McCarthy enough rope, the rest had just followed.

The forces ranged against him in the end, left and right, were legion – he died a broken man at 48 and the cause against this One World monster was set back decades.

There is the tale,for example, of Bogie and Bacall who spearheaded the great and good in Hollywood to mobilize and go give it to the House Committee in Washington, “give it to them real good”.

Bogie was quite complex on the matter of communism but Bacall was a long way to the left of him and remained so all her life. They witnessed the Acosta-like behaviour of one John Howard Lawson when sentenced, turned around and went straight back to Hollywood.

They still hated “McCarthyism”, the wild manner of it but they could not refute the House investigators.  Bacall rarely referred to the incident after that.

This is that tale, abridged:

In October 1947, Lauren Bacall joined a group of high-profile Hollywood actors, writers, and producers for a major public-relations trip to Washington.

The group’s stated goal was to defend the First Amendment freedoms of their accused friends and colleagues—accused, that is, of being communists dedicated to infiltrating the motion-picture industry as a means to peddle propaganda.

The accused were summoned before the House Committee on Un-American Activities as “unfriendly” witnesses. (For the record, Senator Joe McCarthy had absolutely nothing to do with this.)

Unbeknownst to Lauren Bacall and friends, nearly every single one of the accused was a closet communist formally pledged to Stalin’s Soviet Union. When these individuals joined Communist Party USA, they swore a loyalty oath to strive to “ensure the triumph of Soviet power in the United States.” They were committed to what CPUSA general secretary William Z. Foster openly called a “Soviet America,” or what other hope-filled comrades called a “United Soviet States of America” (USSA).

The liberal stars they enlisted ran into the hundreds, with big names like Katharine Hepburn, Henry Fonda, Gregory Peck, Myrna Loy, Paulette Goddard. A group of roughly two dozen lent more than their signatures; they actually set sail for Washington: Danny Kaye, Ira Gershwin, Judy Garland, John Garfield, Sterling Hayden, Gene Kelly, Burt Lancaster, John Huston, Philip Dunne, Billy Wilder, and Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

Bogart and Bacall topped the list, as they would any blockbuster movie.

“Before we left Hollywood,” said Bogart later, “we carefully screened every performer so that no red or pink could infiltrate and sabotage our purpose.” The street-wise Bogie prided himself on his ability not to be tricked. As one “First Amendment” crusader put it, Bogart “feels that he’s the most politically sophisticated guy in our business.”

The liberals/progressives, mouthing the talking points of the closet communists, were vicious toward the House Committee. They literally compared the congressmen to Nazis, stormtroopers, Goebbels, Hitler, the Spanish Inquisition, and on and on.

The four major Hollywood writers called to testify—Dalton Trumbo, Albert Maltz, Alvah Bessie, and John Howard Lawson (a.k.a., “Hollywood’s Commissar”)—were especially belligerent.

Alas, to make a long story short, the liberals/progressives were stunned, dumbfounded, shocked beyond belief, and deeply betrayed when they got to Washington and found that the accused communists were undeniably and unmistakably just that: communists.

Congress, both Republicans and Democrats alike, openly presented mountains of evidence: registration rolls, news clips, Daily Worker articles, New Masses’ bylines, front-group memberships, party applications, forms, cards, checks, cash, and even numbers. The world quickly learned some crucial facts.

Or would have, had the press not been in deep captcha as well. Early 1950s we’re talking, not 2018.

Unbelievable as it may seem, Lauren Bacall later said that as she and Bogie and the others flew to Washington, they did not know that most of the unfriendlies called to testify were secretly members of the Communist Party.

“We didn’t realize until much later,” she admitted, “that we were being used to some degree by the Unfriendly Ten.”

She conceded that they had been foolishly naïve, headstrong, emotional, and that they had hastily strolled into something “we knew nothing about.”

Most members of the Committee for the First Amendment felt that way. The group fell silent, withered, and died.

Then there was that darling of Broadway, Judy Holliday. She was also investigated by committee in the 50s for being a communist sympathiser.

In 1952, she was called to testify before the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee to “explain” why her name had been linked to Communist front organizations. She was advised to play dumb (like some of her film characters), which she did very well.

Disingenuous by occupation, she was everyone’s darling in America, she played those roles, and for “McCarthy” to attack her was outrageous to many Americans.  Except it wasn’t actually McCarthy, it was the cross-party committee, different other animal.

If you explore further, you read about The Ten on the list, it seems that one of the panel on What’s My Line – Martin Gabel – always presented as a sweet man and Arlene Francis’s husband to boot – he was one of them too.

Interesting that the actual communists, the hardcore who really were members of the party, dedicated to the bringing down of American society and reconstituting it along Soviet lines – they still used the First and then Fifth Amendments to protect themselves personally in order to carry out their campaign.

Lucille Ball wasn’t just a communist – she was a cell leader, she headed a division of the party and used her position to further its cause.  That one you can explore yourself.

As any student of history knows, the USA had just come out of the shadow of Hitler’s fascism, it was actually people on the right who had exposed the way Standard Oil and others who had colluded with the Nazis – most of America wanted none of that ever again. The ties between big business and Trotsky and Lenin also came out, the sudden Soviet presence in Berlin, the atom bomb.

In those days, not forgetting the leftwing universities churning out the new American, unbeknowns to most Americans, it seemed to many that the only alternative to fascism was socialism, nothing inbetween.

The eternal wolf in sheep’s clothing

This is the whole issue – the bad guys, the really bad ones, the mouthpieces, tricked out in the livery of civil rights, the celebs, the ones everyone duped by the left believed were their champions for good, were actually destructive mini-Alinskys.

Good luck to Blonde but she’s going to have to be prepared for the damned covering her with their sludge.  Her analysis, particularly in the last two minutes, her turn of phrase, is eloquent. Please remember she is essentially speaking to youth, to her generation, but she’s still well worth a watch: