A manly man, a virtuous woman [4]

Part one, part two, part three, part four.

The issue

Of all the preceding, it’s the topics inpart one, plus this one now, along with K’s tale and that of the son of my step-sister, which disturb me the most.

As I wrote earlier – it is the uncontrolled manner, the lack of any sort of ethical limits, no decent upbringing, a real Theresa May thumbing of the nose at any sort of proprieties and ways of doing things – these presage a very bad time ahead for western society in 2019/20, up against the double enemy of Them plus Islam, which they’re using.

The porn scene

Take her home to meet mother?

10 Ex-Porn Performers Reveal the Brutal Truth Behind Their Most Popular Scenes



There is a perception among Millennial and post-Millennial females, brought on by SJWism, plus the sick sexual culture from toddlerhood onwards now, plus the total fixation with sex over love – think back to the ten year old in drag, back to kids being asked at 4 and 5 about which sex they’d like to be – the State wanting to be the parents, the sickos in charge of the State, of Rotherham/Telford/Sweden, of the heads and teachers now in schools … of the whole lot of it … there is a perception that it’s perfectly normal to screw around with anyone in any hole, that no one has any right to question it and the more partners the better.

It’s been taken out of the side rooms where at least there was once a casual nod to some sort of propriety, to the image we now know all too well, let’s not beat about the bush – indiscriminate, group-based, utterly incapable of one-on-one, of any meaningful commitment – and whether the porn does reflect the reality out there now in every school or whether the reality out there adjusts to align itself with the porn, the only question is – is everyone agreed that that is bad?

Because if half the readers here don’t see it as bad, then what the hell is there left for me to say?

Staunching the flow

What on earth can be done to stop what’s happening – see the Wail for the latest horror story – provided of course that anyone wishes to staunch it, let alone reverse it?

The immediate target should be men, especially men of my demographic, the one which this Jamela on Vine wants to remove the vote from and let’s be brutally honest here:

Men have a lot of trouble combatting the alluring female. Were two luscious birds to walk in this room now [every man’s fantasy?] then can I, hand on heart, say I would not?  I’d hope to say no and there is one key reason why I think it’s possible to say no, further down.

But generally speaking, of course I can’t stop and this is one thing the female will never, ever understand – ask Mike Tyson, ask Ulysses.

So the trick is never to be in that position in the first place because once you start giving way, it is like in a Somerset Maugham story like The Lotus Eater or Rain – one’s resolve slowly crumbles until it’s like something from a Sherlock Holmes opium den.

That’s the first thing for a man to avoid.

If the female is not going to say no, then it is up to the man to say it.

The N1 reason not to get physical with the ‘modern’female

Hygiene!  One has not the slightest idea where she’s been, even in a short life.  That’s it.

I have a request of all hetero men

I can’t stop the Machine exploiting women and girls, I can’t stop men getting their rocks off but what I can ask is that when you do view porn, don’t view any new porn.

In other words, stick to vintage or old shots from two decades ago – that way you’re not abetting the exploitation of newbies or the young and maybe the market for that can collapse – market forces do prevail with Them – look at the NFL, and soon Gillette hopefully.

I’m not unrealistic enough to expect it all to cease and everything’s all good and everyone’s happy- that ain’t gonna happen … but some shift in your habits might make all the difference if it starts with a few thousand men and then catches on.

Quotes from the articles


“Porn hurts nobody.” “They do it because they like to do it.”

These are popular perceptions when it comes to pornography, however, perception is not always reality.

The fact is that the porn industry is filled with violence, drugs, coercion, disease, and exploitation. And while active porn performers rarely, if ever, speak out due to fear of being blackballed in the industry or being discriminated against, the majority of those very same performers inevitably end up speaking out on their real experiences once they leave the industry.

These personal accounts are never pretty.


“Of course I lied to my fans. I led them to believe I lived a fantasy life which was far from the truth. I fed into their fantasies. I said I wanted sex 24/7 and made it seem like I absolutely loved what I did and was living this happy life.


Everybody has the same problems. Everybody is on drugs. It’s an empty lifestyle trying to full up a void. I became horribly addicted to heroin and crack. I overdosed at least three times, had tricks pull knives on me, have been beaten half to death…”


There are now more porn actors than ever, thanks to increasing platforms, as well as growing mainstream acceptance. That makes the competition fierce.

Meanwhile, the pay hasn’t gone up in years. To make any kind of decent money, porn performers have to work a lot – or do super kinky scenes.

The real lie

“I felt so loved that day,” she recalls in a testimonial video. “I was putting on hair and makeup. I was told that I was beautiful, I was going to be a star. They sent my pictures to an adult agency that I was with for about two years. The rest is pretty much history.”

That’s it – the curse of Eve, the maniacal need to be adored and admired.  Tell her she’s beautiful, pamper her, shower her with attention and she is yours.

The trouble is – that’s what you also tell your wife, so is it real or is it a lie?  And do you mean it when you say it?

Well of course you mean it with your wife, unless it’s just to get her into bed without a headache and not exhausted. The best test is when you have nothing to gain from the compliments, nothing physical at least.

But that eternal lie, plus money, is half the reason why this industry is rampant.

The political aspect

Think, gentlemen, plus any women abetting this thing, think – who is gaining the most from this industry, who is making the big bikkies?

And are they not the very people behind the illegals, the bank crashes, the wars and killings, the bestiality, pizzagate – are these not the people you are aiding and abetting every single time you click into a site?

Juss sayin’ like.