This puts it in perspective

Yesterday, we led with Julia’s comment about Common Purpose being behind the lunacy which has gripped Plod and this puts it in perspective:

You may have noticed that one of the categories for this post is Religion and Philosophy, because that’s what we’re up against – true believers in wrong, hardwired, top down – Common Purpose being just one of the myriad name grabs out of thin air.

How innocuous it sounds, how positive – to have a common purpose, all of us – the reconstitution of the very fabric of society by your betters, the global politburo.


Aim? Well simple, innit? As Yuri said – the complete demoralisation of society as we know it so that all the good little Ocasio apparatchiks are your masters and any thinkers are neutered and suppressed.

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2 comments for “This puts it in perspective

  1. The Blocked Dwarf
    January 11, 2019 at 07:26

    *wonders why we aren’t told what breed of dog was being allowed to roam free (and an 80 year old on dodgy pins with a looooong line is ‘running free’ even if said dog is just an overgrown rat)?* Mrs Sanders is, apparently, too senile to be allowed a dog.

    Also I thought it was only a Norfolk ‘thing’ to let your dog crap on other peoples’ graves/in churchyards.

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