Gates of Vienna, via Rossa’s mother:

You gotta start somewhere. So where do you start?

Well, the number one priority of the border patrol, NUMBER ONE, is this 55-mile stretch in Rio Grande. That is what the $1.375 billion represents.

If you look at government contracts, (CM Ross, Casey Ross, whichever profile you use currently, you can probably back me up on this), and try to figure out how long for the type of wall and fencing it will take for them to do 55 miles along the southern border.

And guess what I found out. Using the information from previous contract work for the southern border, you know what the answer is? Six to eight months.

Now, take a calendar and walk down it a little bit, and see where that takes you. Six to eight months down the calendar will take you to September of 2019. And what’s so interesting about that? That’s when this funding deal ends. The funding deal funds us through the fiscal year of the federal government, which runs through September.

So here it is, the stroke of genius. The art of the deal by your President of the Estados Unidos:

He got as much money as was needed to accomplish the highest priority, to not miss a beat with making progress on the southern border, just in time to have another negotiation at the next budget-funding deal.

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