Cutting the Gordian knot

Interesting expression.

It really does apply to the whole question of personally coping, and this blog might be both a cause and casualty of this very question.

First and foremost are failsafes and protection.  Even though home stresses are always the most immediate, outside stresses are still real, they do eventually sap us.

For example, Trump signing that bill and the Brexit criminal lunacy of Remoaners do pile up stress at a low level, each one chipping away at our feeling of wellbeing but so does the MSM playing it for all it’s worth to destabilise us, make us fearful, plus they only show the most stupid and egregious people, from ‘celebs’ you wouldn’t give the time of day to through to some mindless thug beating up an old person or raping a child – the MSM salivates and if you do too, then you’ve gone under along with the masses.

As any recovering alcoholic knows – managing the situation is all of it.  This blog is part of the issue – it can be a welcome outlet for pent up anger at the lunacy out there but it also keeps presenting that lunacy day after day, several times a day.  I’ve my own mental health to consider too you know and my avoidance of the gratuitous you must have noticed.  You think I don’t swear like a trooper, privately, aren’t capable of the smoky-drinky life?

I just think we need to wise up a bit, stay strong, kill off threats, terminate them in fact with maximum prejudice and then turn the happier person to better things.  That way we stand a chance of beating these bstds.  We’re no chance if we’re seaweed tossed this way and that by wind and current.

But the ostrich approach is stupid.  Someone yesterday, think it was Stonewall, said, ‘I don’t do conspiracy theories,’ then proceeded to do just that. Idiot.

What a blitheringly stupid statement that was from him, usually a sane, rational person. As if there’s no collusion, no combining in the world, no cover ups.  What planet does a person live on, making such a statement?  Grrrrrrrrrrr!  But even he’s finally waking up that some of us are not so tinfoil after all, that we do think through rather than mindlessly repeat and there are bstds out there trying to harm us.

Moving on …

I have two lists in the kitchen – food and stores needed on the next trip to town, plus the ‘to do’ list.  And it must be written because my memory is bad on medium term, sometimes short term.  Long term seems ok, surprisingly.

Don’t be pushed. Say no, you’ll do it when you can, I can use heart issue now to get someone to back off.  I used to have to say eff off.  N1 is they want to co-opt you to their agenda, everyone wants you to do what they want … now, immediately.  Drop all.

Sometimes you will – for someone special – but are you helping that person by being a doormat?

A major error is taking on too much – I’ll just do this today … oh, just this too … oh just this one more. It’s a form of greed.  My stepdad at work gave clients a date and time and then had it ready a bit before time.  Never earlier, because that taught the client false expectations.

Instead, you have today’s joblist – that and a bit more, watch your health.  That way you stay well, in order to consider others later, otherwise you’re a sniffling wretch in bed.  Sounds meanspirited but that’s not so – it’s using your kidneys, that’s all.

Shut out the carping criticiser.

You know yourself well enough, you know your own faults, you know you have to make adjustments, you don’t need some judgmental clown beside you carping.  You will attend to it coz it’s on your written list. Just not yet, that’s all. Humans react badly to being pushed.

But if you never do it, then take stock at the end of the month, prioritise and deal with it as N1 priority next month.

And so on.  Then others get that calm buzz off you.  Preparation and systems are everything in my book … vaguely sticking to them, no woe-is-me despair.

But once again – first step is eliminate threats.

The heading was ‘cutting the Gordian knot’ – finding that lateral solution.  Someone wrote yesterday that if Macron’s Plod were to have something happen to their own family, they’d soon stop defending people like Macron with his total lack of concern for his country … or them.  They’d soon refuse to come outside the front door, them Macron could be picked off with ease.

These solutions aren’t difficult.  These jihadi leaders too. The Gordian knot needs cutting – if they’re human, they can be stopped.

Issue is, of course, if they’re nephilim but let’s not broaden this any further. 🙂

3 comments for “Cutting the Gordian knot

  1. February 18, 2019 at 06:12

    Just one added point – our job is to help others, right, our forst priority? Best way to help ourselves is to help others.

    I don’t see that as altruistic, it’s just wiser – makes us less selfish and self-centred, better balanced. And being a naturally self-centred sod, it’s important I heed my own advice and do that … but not for freeloaders.

  2. Lord T
    February 18, 2019 at 16:11

    The PTB think that they are untouchable in their castles surrounded by armed guards but they are not and I fear that they are soon to find out how vulnerable they are. Plod may be tough when there are thirty of them heavily armed raiding some guys house for what he said on twitter but they won’t be so tough when they start getting picked on while there are only one or two of them out on their own armed or not.

  3. Distant Relative
    February 18, 2019 at 19:16

    Macron is too much of a short ar$e to be a nephilim. 😉

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