It’s basically communism

Vox, via Chuckles:

It’s a hellish and capricious system, complete with reeducation courses.

The University of Central Lancashire told Mr Walsh he could return to his social work studies in September is he signed a good conduct agreement and undertake a diversity training course.

Left and Right is all but irrelevant now. Nationalist vs Global Imperialist is the only battle that matters in the present circumstances. And we – to the extent there can even be said to be a we – are now the global bad guys.

It’s time to bring back the Christian blasphemy laws, many of which are still on the books, and begin enforcing them with a vengeance. Deus vult!

Vox tries to make a distinction between communism and this globalist hell but to me, they’re the same beast. Don’t forget I was in Russia at the rump end of communism, I saw its vestiges the whole time and it was not good.

And as others have pointed out, this we have now is not a great deal different – in fact it’s the same.

And the left are quite happy to sleepwalk into its clutches.

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  1. February 23, 2019 at 23:35

    And as others have pointed out, this we have now is not a great deal different – in fact it’s the same.

    We’re heading towards totalitarianism, no doubt about that. But totalitarianism is just the logical consequence of democracy and liberalism. The totalitarianism we’re heading towards is being enforced by private corporations as well as the state. It’s fascism rather than communism.

    Liberalism cannot lead anywhere but totalitarianism. Liberals start off believing that everyone should be free and that if they’re allowed to be free they will be good. They soon switch over to believing that everyone must be forced to be free and must be forced to be good.

    And unlike communist totalitarianism liberal totalitarianism by its very nature is never-ending and ever-expanding. The ways in which we are to be forced to be good just keep on increasing. They are two very different kinds of totalitarianism – communist totalitarianism aims at complete political control. Liberal totalitarianism aims at complete control of every single thing we do – what we eat, what we wear, what we think.

    And the fetishing of freedom has curious results. Complete freedom means the freedom to do evil, so evil becomes good. Evil is celebrated. If you want proof look at the way liberals celebrate abortion. Abortion is no longer a choice. It is now a holy sacrament. To liberals having an abortion makes a woman a better person. Just as being homosexual makes a person a better person. Sodomy is a holy sacrament as well.

    And remember that this liberal totalitarianism has been pushed very hard by that notorious party of the Left, the Tory Party. Just as it’s being pushed very hard in Australia by our “conservative” parties. It’s the Right even more than the Left that wants liberal totalitarianism. The Right wants it because Big Business wants it.

    The greatest evil in human history is liberalism.

    • February 24, 2019 at 04:07

      This statement below is so, so wrong:

      But totalitarianism is just the logical consequence of democracy and liberalism. The totalitarianism we’re heading towards is being enforced by private corporations as well as the state. It’s fascism rather than communism.

      The left never see the left for what it is. These totalitarians of the left are perfectly happy to FORCE people, to STEAL from them.

      And on what grounds? An ideology.

      The very word ‘liberal’ has been hijacked. I don’t use it because of that hijacking. Every leftist figure is behind theft of the property of others – there is nothing liberal whatever in that or in the greed and envy which underpin the left.

      It is very much communism by another name – property held in common. Take from the rich and give to the poor is the ideal they spout, it’s in their guidebook, their bible – Das Kapital – a fiction for theft.

      But the truth is – this means taking anything from anyone having anything by his own efforts and by his own time and labour and keeping it within the politburo or the uberfuhrer class.

      This is the sick joke of the left – to pretend to give to the have nots when in fact it’s out and out THEFT, grand theft by thugs. Lawlessness.

      Rule of laws, which steals, not of Law, which protects.

      Snuffing out liberalism inexorably and inevitably means snuffing out freedom, snuffing out choice.

      I’ve always used the toy sailboat analogy. The boy walks in the shallows, holding his boat tightly, lest it sail off, not unlike the child of the father.

      But soon that becomes not satisfying, he must see how the boat sails, even though that’s a major risk. He has to let go and see it sail off. The joy is in how it sails. It tips over, he catches up, adjusts it until it sails fine … and it then sails away. The analogy then ends because children return of their own volition.

      With leftism, communism, fascism – all of them are totalitarian, the boy never lets go and snuffs the life and joy the boat could give. Then along comes the bully and just takes it anyway, saying he has greater need.

      That is greed, that is leftism – the politics of envy, stemming from evil in the first place. Alinsky’s advice to the have nots.

      He invents bunkum reasons that what someone has built by his sweat and toil is now somehow not his at all, justifies in fine ideology grand theft, then sends in the thugs to steal.

      Greed. Envy. Sinister. Left.

      The whole basis of rightism is that someone builds something by his own efforts, time, brainpower, the leftist though casts a covetous glance and says, ‘I want that,’ then he invents an ideology which justifies his thuggery in stealing it.

      That is evil and destabilises any society.

      That is the essential nature of the left, of communism, of fascism, which are totalitarian. Taking that which is not yours. Theft.

      Left = totalitarianism and coercion
      Right = property, choice, freedom

      There are caveats to those of the right, for anyone in fact, e.g. murdering a baby in the womb, raping a female, where there can be NO choice at all, choice is no more on offer there than in starving or stopping breathing.

      The right understands the limits of choice, of freedom. There is a name for it – classical liberalism.

      The left libertarian too, an oxymoron if ever there was one, is ‘do as thou wilt, take what you want’, which is just leftist totalitarianism dressed up, tricked out as freedom. It is not freedom – it is licentiousness. The ACLU is all about rights for them and lip service about anyone else who can be damned as far as they’re concerned.

      Look carefully at what the Nazi party constituent words were – National what?

      Yes, that is what totalitarianism is – snuffing out choice. That is what AOC and Pelosi are for, also the Remoaners.

      Pelosi is a good second analogy. She lives in luxury [on a civil servant’s salary?] behind a walled property, dripping with wealth, yet she is a leftist.

      Two people stand before the walls, thinking – a leftist boy and rightist boy.

      The leftist boy quotes Marx, then goes off to organise a gang to get in and pillage her property, bought for herself on the public purse. One crime follows the other.

      The rightist boy thinks to himself – I’d like the chance to build up my own nest egg for my own family and myself, he then starts up a business, selling things on the street corner.

      In Pelosi’s district with its rank squalour, envy and violence, its ‘handout’ mentality laziness, that is not possible – thugs appear, the rest you know.

      The rightist boy goes to a state where private property is still sacrosanct and builds up his nest egg.

      One more thing- the Founding Fathers added, ‘Under God.’

      They did that because it’s the only sane basis of society – the Christian blueprint as the manifesto for the society protects property and freedom.

      Thou shalt not covet, shalt not steal that which is not yours.

      The whole idea is that you voluntarily, not under coercion, give something up in order to gain far more. It’s a social contract, just as a business deal is.

      But both sides must stick to their bargain.

      This sort of thing inevitably leads to a situation of ‘classical liberalism’, it’s TOTALLY different to those fascist clowns calling themselves ‘left-liberal’ or ‘social-democrat’.

      That sort of faux ‘liberalism’ certainly leads to totalitarianism, which combines the State and crony capitalists, monopolists.

      The instant you authorise a bully to steal from that guy over there who has something, in order to give it to you for zero effort, even in a small way – then that is theft, that is left.

      Monopolists and communists are the same team, different routes.

      There are many of us who oppose that.

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