1. What fun – I was down for various things pulmonary today, then heart this afternoon but a call came saying it needs to be postponed because the nurse is not qualified to do it. I did not chuckle bitterly.

Actually it was great because the weather is great and I need to be building, checked my man is still selling epoxy, all systems go. Went to town for food shopping.

Downstairs, one letter from the hospital and one from the government/council.


They want me this week for an MRI scan. Nasty – injection in you, forty minutes in a chamber, they can hear your screams apparently. Lovely. All for my tinnitus.


Their system kept hanging up on me but eventually, after twenty minutes got through to a human. What’s this for, I asked? The June 6th General Election?

That one stumped her. No, it’s for …

Now I don’t believe them because I already did that late last year, as did everyone else – household members etc. So why yet again, even before borough elections?


Most fabulous French Onion and mince with everything else thrown in too.


Ready to restart tomorrow, gorgeous weather coming up.

2. Alternative history:

3. Ghost apples in Detroit:

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6. The musings of large anthro-apologists:

Understanding Modern African Horrors by Way of the Indian Ocean Slave Trade

7. Last but not least:

Journalists’ brains show a lower-than-average level of executive functioning, according to a new study, which means they have a below-average ability to regulate their emotions, suppress biases, solve complex problems, switch between tasks, and show creative and flexible thinking.

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]

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