Some thoughts on goodness

The only reason this is being run is because two people were good enough to send what are virtually mini-essays on the topic – they put time and effort in and it would be wrong not to run them.

However, the notes I myself was gathering had worked me into a corner – the various screenshots and quotes would have offended almost everyone, so I asked myself the question – for what? What was the percentage?

The issue was not the other side – we know they’re doing wrong, from Clinton to Soubry to this Muslim in Congress causing all the trouble [I see the Dems themselves are taking her down now] – the issue was what we’d call our own side. For example, in holding up MP Andrea Jenkyns as an example of a ‘good’ woman, a brief look into her history and she really cannot be placed under that heading.

There’s also a young woman doing good work around the world – Lauren Southern – but by the definitions below and by those of many readers, from DforDoom to … well, I could go on … er no, she does not qualify.

So who does?  Well, there’s no way to find out because stats are distorted, samples suspect, it’s a pointless exercise, as I came to realise.

Penultimately, let me use the example of a fashion ad in a French rag which had a model like every other model except for one thing – she had one of those ‘sleeve tattoos’ which in my book is quite repulsive and speaks volumes against her character but I bet there are many readers who might ask, ‘And what?’

You see, we’d not even be on the same page to start with there and this is the tragedy of this age – fewer and fewer people can see it with each passing year.

Finally, I myself am in the middle of some RL issues and am not in the mood for such a post at this time. So here are those two mini-essays, as is:


Pretty well everyone falls into the ‘bad’ category. Women, men, even Fido is a naughty dog sometimes. And pretty well everyone falls into the ‘good dog, Fido’ basket at one time or another.

Most are uneducated. Many are thick as two short planks. And most have little or no excuse. I talk of adults here, or ‘over 18’, as one expects the young to be ignorant. We live in an unprecedented age of access to knowledge.

I do not include m’self in the mob. You really, really do not want to ask how bad I can get! I can be quite ignorant too….. I rely on you lot here to correct me.

Its the ‘tendency’ though. Is a person ‘basically’ good-OK and muddling through life trying to keep their nose and bottom clean, or are they always making mischief and worse? The majority of people are in that hump in the middle of the distribution. Its the buggers at the unSaintly end that cause all the major problems and drag the ‘ordinary’ thickos down.


Suboptimal could be the result, if inconsistent standards are applied to behaviour in society. People would use different measuring sticks. Some people may judge others as being good perhaps because they are often flattered by them. In real life it is meaningless. If I judged other people as being good simply because they often tell me how wonderful and great I am it would be very difficult to be unbiased. It is quite possible I would use myself as a measuring stick. Also, my head would be quite swollen from it all rendering me unable to judge clearly.

How then are people measured to be good or bad? I have read in a Book that ‘no one is good, no not one.’

Until recently, for the most part, Western society has used a certain standard qualifying what is good and civilised behavior. Running society on the philosophy that everything is relative in which this is my ‘good’ and something totally different is your ‘good’ is not fooling , deep down, a soul if they still have one. However, it is a good way to justify one’s behavior, or misbehavior.

An ‘all paths lead to God’ philosophy is espoused by a lot of folks. How do they know? The main character in the Book I read says, ‘ I come not to change the law but to fulfill the law.’ He did not mention to fulfill any statutes and judgements that got tacked on along the way. Is not English law historically based upon the laws and precepts in which the main character came to fulfill?

How does a society pick and choose between the differing philosophies and the law of God? Who decides which philosophy becomes law if all things are relative? Can just certain things be relative? If so who decides that? And would doing that be consistent with relativity? I do not mean to argue this and that over philosophy or to argue Scripture. There is one who is sly and twists and turns Scripture around.

In the U.S., the word passion is often bandied about. ‘Such and such is my passion!’ So what? ‘I am passionate about collecting seashells!’ Okey dokey. ‘I am passionate about my cause, whatever it is today!’ Sure thing.

You go for it. ‘I am passionate about being passionate’… if passion makes a person anymore ‘good’ than others are ‘good’ just because someone says they are passionate. Some folks do not go around screaming things from the roof tops or try to force others to agree. It does not mean they do not believe strongly. At the same time each person should have the right to inform and alert others who may want to listen…never force.

I know an individual who is working directly with a group of semi- movers and shakers. The sad-funny thing is these mid-youngish semi-movers and shakers are mere puppets. They bask in the artificial light shined upon them by an artificial light. The individual I know asked one of the committee members during a meeting in referencing a project, just what constitutes a minority? Who is presently mistreated? The response was and I quote, ‘Everybody, but the white man.’

There is a concern here about good and bad women for the health of our society. I wonder what kind of woman I would be considered as? Perhaps I do not want to know. How would any woman who may be reading this, be classified according to today’s standards…the law according to ? and then according to the Law of God.

It would seem by today’s ( artificial) standards I am a bad woman. In James eyes maybe not such a bad woman. ‘Today’s Global Woman’ with all of her vehemence…passion, if you will, is a good woman according to today’s accepted standadds in our society. I am aware by any standard I fall short. Strangely though, by today’s rickety standards I would be classified as suboptimal.

What is my point just now I am wondering. As I pondered that question I took a break and said a short prayer and then opened that Book I have mentioned. As I opened the book out falls a long business sized envelope. Written on it were notes I had feverishly jotted down months before. I had been using it as a bookmark and had not even read what I had written until today.

Scribbled on it were a few notes from Timothy chapter 1, KJ V(KJ). There I found the point I was trying to make. The whole chapter is precious to me, but 1Timothy 1:8-10 is significant for my point. Things and people change. Moods change in society. Styles change. Even meanings of words change in some languages such as American English wherein ‘bad’=’good’, ‘hot’ = ‘sexy’, ‘cool = ‘sharp, trendsetter’.

God’s Word never changes. Suddenly it seems (although it has been going on for a while), there are people who know what God really intends and means better than He knows himself. By misapplying Scripture they claim God has changed. My daughter actually heard a minister take scripture and twist it claiming it to mean something to justify certain behaviour being pushed in society today.

A friend attends another denomination and just shared with me that the priest of another denomination recently used the very same scripture twisted once again. There is nothing in those particular verses mentioned by both that has anything to do with the topic in question tackled by those two so called teachers of the Word.

My point is how can society depend on the whims of men and women? What happens when the direction of the breeze changes? Does the breeze change the meaning of bad to good, then back to bad again, and then back again? We measure ourselves against a standard that is constant, and not one that shifts. We do the best we can using God’s Word as a guide. God is consistent. God is logical. God is our plumb line.

This might relate to some of those points:

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12 comments for “Some thoughts on goodness

  1. Sackerson
    February 12, 2019 at 16:43

    Horace Walpole’s letters judge by whether someone has a “good heart” or a “bad heart.”

  2. Andy5759
    February 12, 2019 at 19:01

    There lurks inside every person the darkest of thoughts and desires. Most people used to manage to self regulate, some others benefited from judicious use of the rod to modify their behaviour. Our ways of thinking have been altered with neural linguistic programming, rejection of religion, and an unnatural sexual liberation. This allows, even encourages, people to explore those dark corners. Resisting temptation was a virtue, it is now derided as being self denial. We have fallen a long way in a short time, and I can’t see a way back up but that won’t stop me trying. Oh, for the record, I’m a bad person getting better at trying to be good.

    • February 12, 2019 at 19:09

      Yes. I saw a ‘good person’ in my eyes a few minutes ago.

  3. The Blocked Dwarf
    February 12, 2019 at 21:20

    As the Rabbis of yore said: “So Hashem created man in his own image, in the image of Hashem created he him; male and female created he them.
    And Hashem saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day, then he looked once more and thought a better word would be ‘maybe’ or ‘perhaps’.”

    Then there is Mark 10:18.

    There are no ‘good’ girls, boys nor *insert gender of choice*. There are people whose behaviour is more or less destructive, especially self destructive, than others.

    • February 12, 2019 at 22:18

      Good to see you’re scripturally sound there.

  4. James
    February 12, 2019 at 22:46

    What has Andrea Jenkyns done wrong that makes her not a good person?
    None of us, not even me, is perfect. Nobody should be condemned for falling short of perfection.

    • February 12, 2019 at 23:07

      Q.E.D. If you need to ask that, then any answer of mine will not suffice.

  5. February 13, 2019 at 00:04

    The thing about goodness and badness is that people have always been like that. There have always been some people who are mostly good, some who are mostly bad and some in between. That’s been true since there have been people on Earth.

    So goodness and badness don’t explain what has gone wrong to our society. It’s not like we’ve had a sudden outbreak of badness, The problem is that our culture has become diseased. We can’t fix things unless we fix the culture. I don’t honestly think the culture can be fixed. The problems go back to the Reformation and the beginnings of the “religion is whatever you want it to be” approach..

    It’s not that there are more bad people. It’s that we have a culture that encourages the bad (and the weak and the cowardly) and discourages the good.

    I know nothing at all about Lauren Southern.

  6. February 13, 2019 at 01:03

    “Passion is amoral. You may be passionate about saving baby seals, but I’m just as passionate about clubbing them.”

    — Johnny Gutts

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