The Great Betrayal

A quick peek at yesterday’s horrors down south, worth a read today if not on your regular list:

Yep, this swindle of the 17.4 million came to a head yesterday:

But the anarchy he and the Remoaners have unleashed permeated everything yesterday in the Commons. Backstops, alternatives as yet undefined to backstops, No Deals on and off tables, extensions ruled out and factored in, Customs Unions to be left or embraced, Labour factions, Tory factions, potty SNP amendments, Government amendments, Remain amendments, mass abstentions and redoubled efforts by a Theresa May who didn’t even bother to turn up, and gave precious few clues as to what exactly her next effort will be, redoubled or otherwise.

Beyond this comedy of manners, there is a very real possibility that Robbins and his German ladyfriend in Brussels have concocted a pre-agreed plan (of which May and Hammond will be aware) for an 11.59 pm deal to be revealed some time in mid March.

But knowing the European Commission as I do, I am fairly sure there will be a bitter pill to swallow with it, designed to save their already overly crispy bacon.

So on the basis that this too will founder, the Remaindeer majority in Parliament will take control away from the Executive, legislate to take No Deal off the table, and mandate the Government to ask for an Article 50 extension.

Very, very few people in Britain grasp the profound and potentially calamitous consequences of the Commons seizing power in this way.

Meanwhile, in the House of Scumbag Traitors this morning:

Brexiteer Steve Baker also warned the Prime Minister could face the “collapse” of her Government if her withdrawal agreement is passed through Parliament.

The co-chair of the European Research Group (ERG) said: “Where this deal to pass through Parliament with this backstop, the Government would subsequently collapse because the DUP will not be able to maintain confidence and supply if this deal goes through.”

Mr Baker said members of the ERG objected to Mrs May “reinterpreting” last month’s vote to replace the Withdrawal Agreement’s backstop with alternative arrangements for keeping the Irish border open.

He said: “We put an enormous amount of effort into uniting the party around the Malthouse Compromise, and then within a couple of days the Prime Minister was reinterpreting our vote.

“I’m afraid people didn’t want to be treated like that twice.”

No they don’t. Soubry on TV bemoaning deselection moves, Grieve on TV with total disregard for a referendum result which was clear and unambiguous, requiring no deals, except maybe attachment to the corrupt WTO [see posts circa 2006 on that and the IMF].

March 29th, 11 a.m., no deal, May then gone, these other bstds deselected and replaced by Leavers, Tories survive because nothing is worse than Corbyn.

Let’s look at other things:

Richard North’s agenda is more about Direct Democracy, one of the two things we were after too in 2010 with the Albion Alliance.

More later – have to run.

8 comments for “The Great Betrayal

  1. February 15, 2019 at 12:18

    Very, very few people in Britain grasp the profound and potentially calamitous consequences of the Commons seizing power in this way.

    Very, very few people in Britain grasp the fact that the House of Commons has been the enemy of the British people for nearly four centuries. They’ve always been traitorous scumbags. Parliament represents the interests of the rich and powerful. That is all it has ever done.

    At least King Charles I was a real king prepared to put up a fight. Now the monarchy is gone, replaced by selfish worthless degenerates who will always take the side of Parliament against the people. And the House of Lords is gone as well.

    The sad truth about history is that the bad guys have almost always won.The Civil War was a war between good and evil and evil won.

  2. February 15, 2019 at 12:28

    Richard North’s agenda is more about Direct Democracy

    Those ideas sound good until you think about them. Such as:

    The executive shall be separated from the legislature. To that effect, prime ministers shall be elected by popular vote; they shall appoint their own ministers, with the approval of parliament….no prime ministers or their ministers shall be members of parliament or any legislative assembly;

    That’s just copying the catastrophic American system.

    The prime minister should be appointed by the king. Of course the first step would have to be getting rid of the wretched Windsors and restoring the actual monarchy.

    • February 15, 2019 at 16:38

      I was going to get to this but was busy today. A bit idealistic, Flexcit too.

  3. Charles
    February 15, 2019 at 22:26

    Dfordoom, for the benefit of an ignorant colonial, who exactly should replace ‘the wretched Windsors’?

    • February 15, 2019 at 23:21

      Dfordoom, for the benefit of an ignorant colonial, who exactly should replace ‘the wretched Windsors’?

      Well the guy who works behind the counter at the local fish and chip shop would be an improvement on Elizabeth the Useless. But there is still a Stuart pretender to the throne. Being a Stuart and a descendant of the last rightful King of England he obviously has a much more valid claim to the throne than Betty Windsor.

      Jacobitism is the way forward!

      • February 15, 2019 at 23:30

        I could be prevailed upon.

        It might become messy though.

        • February 16, 2019 at 09:08

          I could be prevailed upon.

          I could be persuaded to support your bid for the throne. The only problem I foresee is that when you raise the Royal Standard in Hobart and then march on London it will be rather a long march!

      • February 16, 2019 at 05:45

        Goodness me, is this Sassenach worthy enough to visit?

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