Walking Backwards to New Orleans 11

Our last post on Bert’s Band starts with a couple of tunes from the 1920s jazz repertoire. First Copenhagen: named after a brand of chawin’ tobacco, and recorded by Bix and the Wolverines in 1924.

Next Deep Henderson, recorded by King Oliver in 1926.

Cotton Pickers Congregation was written by Sid Phillips who played baritone sax for Bert.

Now a tune I first met on a CD of Marty Grosz, “Pardon me, pretty baby”. (Marty said he played “hot music”; he’s the son of George Grosz who did those rather cruel caricatures of the inhabitants of Weimar Berlin. Marty once led a band called “Marty Grosz and Destiny’s Tots”.)

Now this IS hot music: Embassy Stomp, composed by Bert Barnes who played the piano in the band.

Lastly we cool it down with a sweet rather than hot track: a song that went on to become a jazz standard – Body and Soul.

3 comments for “Walking Backwards to New Orleans 11

  1. February 10, 2019 at 18:20

    Hot music and cutting edge tech for the time.

  2. February 10, 2019 at 19:32

    Enjoyed it – I’ve warmed to Bert. Favourite was Cotton Pickers Congregation.

    This morning found me in an antiques centre rummaging through some 78s with one or two names I recognise from earlier posts. It surprised be how cheap they were but who plays them these days? CDs or YouTube are easier.

  3. Toodles McGhee
    February 12, 2019 at 07:02

    Dearime, I must confess. Due to the the out of town guests I have had and the many and varied activities going on with them, I have not had a chance to steal away and have a good listen to the last installment of Backwards to New Orleans II. I am anxious to do so today.

    I do have an appreciation for your research and the joy you bring (me). I grew up with this music played by a champ and a singer who was asked many times to sing in places well known in your featured town, New Orleans. He chose not to do so as the lifestyle is not great for a father of three children and a wife. I am speaking of my late uncle. He sang opera as well, which I found out in the normal world was unusual. Why can’t a kid listen to both Hey Jude and take your pick and the Barber of Seville, and Porgy and Bess? ( all in one day?)

    I assumed every household clapped, tapped, danced and sang to the likes of the music you feature. The often fun and at the same time crazy family that was mine I found is not typical of other families. One can never judge one’s family and how normal it is until one is out in the world. We were odd.

    I choose a bit crazy and eccentric, with great music …. such fun….to always bengin and normal. Although, normal at least twice a year is just fine for a change.

    Thanks again and looking forward to my music treat!!!

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