What really happened back then?

Distant Relative came in last evening with two links and I found another beside the first when starting to look.

The nature of the material also brings to mind the book of Enoch, and that immediately plunges us into the Christian v Gnostic kabbalist view in the early years which has persisted and was pushed by people in these times such as Blavatsky, Besant and Crowley, the Masonic upper echelons too, the Templars and illumined.

And before airily dismissing all that, please always bear in mind pizzagate [see sidebar link].

And one of the offshoots of all that is Planned Parenthood, so one needs to be ultra careful because the personal lives of these people were damnable, irrespective of what the Book of Enoch contains.


I saw a video by a man who opened by attacking the KJV, he then attacked the notion of the solar system and so on but he spoke as a Christian, in ways a Christian would recognise, yet took the view that TBoE rendered subsequent books unnecessary – that’s when I started checking out the Gnostics again and yep – there was the connection.

The thing was – apart from his ad hominems, he sounded plausible and that bit about even the elect being fooled, the experts in theology – it rang true. I am by no means a biblical scholar, readers know I’m a generalist who happens to believe [know?] there is a trinity but all manner of things from Nibiru to quantum physics are of interest too.  AI as well.

Thus I started exploring DR’s links.

Chuck Missler



Geordie Rose



DR notes

Where the “principalities” reside? Notice “Altar to an alien god” and pulling out ??? from the shadows. Spooky stuff and food for thought.

The overview

We’ve seen posts here 2017 till now, reporting on the disintegration of high values in society – just look at the behaviour now, from criminals being protected and the innocent arrested to the justice and education systems turned on their heads.

Some force is behind all this, driving it forward, it is breathing down our necks and previous posts go into all that.  There are all sorts of snippets, such as the trouble, when it comes, coming out of Africa to the ‘in plain sight’ symbolism to the open satanism of the young – where did that come from?  Where is the parenting … and so on.

In short, there is an enemy all right but a word of caution – all this about giants and so on comes out of Jewish writings and Jewish writings include the Kabbalah and that comes out of the takeover of the northern half of the Jewish nation and its merging with the practices of Assyria/Babylon those millennia ago.

And then the obvious question is – is there some way out of this?

There are so many tie-ins, for example in the endtimes, knowledge will vastly increase but that expanded knowledge will also confound the very elect, the so-called wise men.  

Plus the Jezebel spirit is about – usurping, making itself over-equal, belittling others – there are many non-religious youtubes on the concept and how to rid an organisation of it.  

Pelosi is a classic case but the band Joy Division/New Order, posted on early afternoon tomorrow, is another. Jezebel spirit is rife.

As for parallel universes and dimensions, mathematics can posit others, who would be so arrogant as to dismiss that out of hand? A finger in a two dimensional world would be a line down to a dot, not a ring. We know Cartesian coordinates but how about polar? The finite universe, locality and photon interconnection and even growth.

The pre-flood scenario and the corruption of the species – food for thought.

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  1. February 17, 2019 at 07:58

    One needs to keep all the little snippets and fragments tucked away, filed, as when you look at Quantum Physics in Wiki:


    … they run a pic of the early century Solvay Conference but that word Solvay immediately triggered a memory:


    … and if you scroll down that, up comes the name of Solvay again.

    Interesting, eh?

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