Becoming a pirate

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On the other hand, I saw a clip of a girl firing an AR-15 and her stance was right, she had ‘give’ in her body in the right place, she breathed properly before triggering, she was impressive – someone had trained her well.

In my long book, the second half is very much about the male and female partners being a defensive unit each but she had to have the weapon suited to her capabilities, she did the suppressive, he did the stopping.

The issue was that she had big eyes and wanted to use the nitro and the point five-o. This is the single biggest issue with girls in this context – taking on more than what they are capable of [on a sustained basis].

And yet, as the Israelis point out, it helps if the females are trained to be effective support fire, they can do it, I’ve seen them, I’ve known females actually willing to listen and learn, even if most are SJW idiots out there now – you train the good ones and let the idiots go by.

In the context of arming your population, things like sexism/racism/this and thatism are just distractions meant to stymie your efforts.  Horses for courses, tailor what you use to what you are.

For example, at the range, I was lucky to get a two and a half inch grouping with a .22 at 25 yards, with a couple of shots outside that I didn’t count in the count, so not a crack shot so to speak. Shotgun is indicated at closer range, yet even that has a narrower range than people suppose, at closer distances.

I prefer non-firearms at this stage, things which are not weapons in the home and could never be seen as such, and yet they are highly effective if used right.  I’ve no hunting knives, no anything, not even a boat hook – you don’t need these things.

And have people forgotten perimeter and first line defences, e.g. the cage idea inside your door?  As you age, these become of more importance.

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  1. March 20, 2019 at 07:21

    I was once threatened with a Court Martial for publicly, in print, criticising the RAF’s policy on weapons training. As an Officer I was allocated 30 rounds a year for practice, shared between a Browning automatic pistol, a sten gun and an SLR. It was a fatuous allocation and I suggested that the average 15 y/o on Belfast could shoot better than the average RAF Officer. The shyte hit the fan ! ( I got away with it tho’)

    I made it my bizzo to be acquainted with the rock-ape Sergeant who ran the Range, and visited every month to use up spare ammo. ( I was not an ‘average’ marksman 🙂 )

    I had command at various postings of girls/ladies as well as men/boys. I tried hard to make them proficient but the ‘policy’ was ratshit.

    • Andy5759
      March 20, 2019 at 11:50

      My Dad was RAF, he reckoned that the RAF Reg are the hardest bunch of boys in uniform.

      I have no problem with women in combat roles, as long as the horses for courses principle mentioned above is held to. When the litter is threatend, the bitch can really turn it on.

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