Do the undocumented bring diseases?

First, this item:

A hatchet job of a report by Rachel Ohm in the Waterville-based Morning Sentinel attempts to turn Isgro into a caricature. She writes that Isgro “falsely blamed immigrants for outbreaks of infectious diseases.”

But there is more to the real story than Ohm’s simplistic telling of it.

Using the Maine Republican Party’s account, Isgro tweeted three times on March 14.

The first tweet reads:

We need a serious talk not only about vaccination but migration. Portland, & many US cities, have homeless crises driven by asylum claims & a record number of migrants crossing the border from countries lacking vaccinations. This causes certain diseases to return.

Yes – and what?  Here is some back-up:

This highly contagious parasitic skin disease, which is caused by the burrowing itch mite Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis, is most commonly transmitted through personal contact in close living quarters and institutional settings, such as schools, aged care facilities, hospitals and refugee camps.

We are currently investigating the treatment of scabies in human and animal trials. Our recent study examined scabies outbreaks across the globe in close living quarters and institutional settings.

Etcetera.  And this:

Wade through that lot. And this:

It’s plain logic that places which are not particular, if they move en masse to free healthcare – are they the rich who can afford good healthcare?

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