1. BorisJohnson has been urged to reject May’s deal by his local association: “If we go for this deal, we do not take back control of our laws. We do not take back control of our trade policy. Even our immigration policy will be in flux.”

2. The uncovering of the DoJ and FBI graft – will anything eventuate from it?

According to recently unsealed testimony –Pres. Obama was aware of the dossier during his presidency. No action taken –The 1st 33-pgs of the dossier was delivered to the FBI by John McCain’s aide David Kramer in Dec 2016. Again nothing happens.

3. No url available on this from TR, via Rossa’s mother:

What was proven yesterday, is that not only do we have a corrupt media but a corrupt system which supports Police persecution.

To top it all off the costs of which I am now ordered to pay, which have also been inflated by the Police, are in excess of £40,000! Which is made up of £20,000 ordered to be paid within 14 days then reverting to over £40,000 if that deadline is not met.

That is 4 times more than what my court costs were to bring this case in the first place, absolutely shocking I know! This was done by the Police in order to get me in a position to accept and take a deal from them, of which I REFUSED because freedom and justice have no price!

Expensive way to find out, Tommy. Delingpole says TR is in the wrong – is he more Farage than Batten on this?

4. With a straight face we promised ’em Brexit, they believed us and voted us back in ’17. What tossers.

Richard North, via Rossa’s mother, is worth a read on it:

5. Why so fast?

To put it into perspective, Lewis Hamilton’s pole position time for last year’s British Grand Prix at Silverstone – one minute 25.892 seconds – was 34 seconds faster than the lap record for a grand prix motorcycle. A really quick road car, such as a Ferrari or McLaren supercar, would lap at around that pace, too.

How does the F1 car do this? Part of it is an engine that produces close to 1,000bhp. But the difference in lap time is mainly made up of the F1 car’s cornering abilities. And the main reason for them is aerodynamics.

Not unlike in slalom skiing.

6. Essentially, it needs someone with the political will:

7. Last but not least, the north and the south – the south strikes back:

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]

2 comments for “Monday

  1. The Blocked Dwarf
    March 18, 2019 at 14:46

    3. No url available on this from TR, via Rossa’s mother:

    quoting i think from this -but no way I’m going to sit through a 9 minute TR whinge to check.

  2. Mark Matis
    March 18, 2019 at 15:34

    One Shot Paddy.

    That is the ONLY thing which will fix the fraud, corruption, and treason rampant in the UK government.

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