1. Cheers, Ken:

Coincidence, eh?

2. It just goes on and on and on, they never stop, they continue to destroy:

On Wednesday, Amherst College in Massachusetts released a new “Common Language Document” for its students which lays out “definitions” about everything from capitalism to drag queens.

The document was released by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion in an email to students.

“This project emerged out of a need to come to a common and shared understanding of language in order to foster opportunities for community-building and effective communication within and across difference,” the email said.

“It includes a list of carefully researched and thoughtfully discussed definitions for key diversity and inclusion terms.”

3. A nice setting out of what these little fools are into:

4. More of the same – how did it come to this?  Where is the outcry?

5. A bit of fun after all that:

6. More wind turbine fun:

7. Last but not least:

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]

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2 comments for “Saturday

  1. Mark Matis
    March 23, 2019 at 18:46

    5. Just think what such things could do for unions in Western hives. Or doesn’t that level of corruption occur on the east side of the Pond???

  2. March 23, 2019 at 19:23

    No corruption here, everyone pure.

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