Southern Poverty Law Center

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The slow-motion Southern Poverty Law Center scandal is a fascinating example of how facts can be public but they simply don’t register on most people unless they are in tune with the zeitgeist.

Chuckles replied:

I’d say it’s a lovely soundbite and very usable, but even a brief glimpse of the Dees would tell anyone paying attention that he was a very nasty piece of work, and he did quite a good job of positioning his little loose cash magnet as the lefty version of an evangelical church

But firstly I think Steve misses or omits that fact that most people don’t give a damn about the spirit of the age or popular causes or any such, but simply want to be left alone to lurch through life as best they can.(clearly, I’m projecting a middle class model and attitude here 🙂

And the real interesting question is about the half billion that the SPLC has in the bank, that is not nickel and dime donations, it screams all sorts of things, and waves big flags, and it’s sources are, I’m sure much more interesting than peroples perceptions of the dees 40 years ago, as it is, after all, why he’s got the push. Remember, it is ALWAYS about the money


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