Tom, Speranza and the Virgin Mary

Speranza in 2013

Blogger Tom Paine and I had a secret assignation yesterday to discuss a range of things as mentioned at his blog.

We go way back, as do Wolfie and I, Sackers, Cherie, CityUnslicker, Welshcakes, JMB and many others – might we be termed the Class of 2006?

There are others we know who were from earlier, e.g. Tim Worstall, Chris Mounsey, Lord T, but there’s also been natural attrition … that’s life.

It took some doing for me to break free and go intercity because I’ve become a recluse and few can voluntarily get me out of here now but Tom can. A fine, tall, slip of a man, he was easy to spot when he came through the door – I like to get to places early and case the place, check out the surrounds, secure a good seat – mania for preparation and privacy.

There were four of us – Tom, the Virgin Mary, Speranza in the carpark and your humble blogger.  The meal was good and I discovered that the foods I can no longer eat – beef, eggs – well that’s not entirely so.  Poached seemed to stay down so that was one thing.

If I’m mildly depressive just now, it’s not health that’s doing it, it’s the return of some nasty external [non-blogging] issues which need dealing with next week.  In his case, he is past his earlier danger signs and is pretty active, we got down to personal details quickly.  Tom speaks of ‘adventurous plans for the future’, I rather think it is plans for survival, given how things are shaping up out there.

As he mentions at his place, we also ‘reminisced about our very different experiences in Russia’, but maybe not entirely different. We also touched on the early, ‘wild-west’ blogging days, hardly anything about politics.

I’m just going to repeat part of what I wrote in comments over there:

Tom was self-deprecating about his blogging but I know [that] many longtime blogreaders have nothing but respect for Tom’s blog, his approach and of course, Speranza.

Quality can ofttimes eclipse sheer quantity.  A nice time was had and hope I wasn’t too eccentric. 🙂

2 comments for “Tom, Speranza and the Virgin Mary

  1. Tom
    March 10, 2019 at 17:38

    I would say your eccentricity was spot on. 🙂 You are far too kind. Thanks for a fun interlude. Let’s do it again soon.

    • March 10, 2019 at 20:41

      With the blessing, of course, of the Virgin Mary.

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