Visiting their bizarre unreality on others

David Thompson writes of gender differences and females finally coming to terms with those [H/T Chuckles]. The most worrying thing is that home, schools and entertainment are all increasingly accepting this faux reality from people who should not even be in a position to influence.

Tomorrow or the next day, there’s one on a person who did wake from this unreality, she saw what it was doing, where it was going.  I’m sure there are similar on Millennial boys but posts on them are not as forthcoming, unless it’s something violent – these females are more outspoken on the whole and so they get noticed more.

That’s pretty well the situation below:

It also occurs to me that to be shocked by differences in how boys and girls often behave, as Ms van der Zee admitted in an earlier Guardian article – such that “even the suggestion” of innate gender differences, now clearly visible, “felt like sedition,” indeed “revolutionary” – again suggests a practised, almost farcical, denial of reality. One that in turn prompts a suspicion that perhaps one shouldn’t be quite so credulous regarding feminist claims of How Things Really Are.

Commenter Monty James:

Bibi and her husband and sons. Note the hesitant, wary expression on the husband’s face. The poor bastard’s probably had that look on his face since the day after the wedding. Edina Monsoon made flesh.

Pretty – head full of maggots.

PG Wodehouse was of the opinion that ‘chumps make the best husbands’ and he may well be right. The cavalier man does not seem marriage material to me these days unless he tries very, very hard.

As for finding a good female one can live with, it’s really the luck of the draw. Our rationalist friends won’t like this but perhaps a grassroots Christian lady is the best bet these days, given how the last two generations have been manipulated.

Otherwise, one might end up with this:

There was one a few minutes ago on this Emily Maitliss character – some BBC reporter it seems who started screaming that some MP who’d just said he was not going to vote against the No Deal was brainwashed.  I commented that she was the brainwashed one, drunk on pure narrative.  A lady came in and said Maitliss was worse than that – totally unhinged.

The issue is what Holmes referred to in The Empty House, I think it was. He referred to an old Shikhari gone bad and said to Watson that up to a point, the man had had an exemplary record, then the eccentricities and manifestations had begun to appear, not unlike a tree which grows well to a certain height, then develops weird malformations.

There really is a luck of the draw factor today, the Russian Roulette element and ya takes ya chances.  Nor can one say it’s just the young – look at Pelosi, Waters, Soubry and so on – totally off their rockers.

And the worst are always put into key positions, the best don’t get a say, they’re at home or working part time locally.

2 comments for “Visiting their bizarre unreality on others

  1. Mark Matis
    March 13, 2019 at 13:03

    Well of course the best don’t get a say. Davos and the Bilderbergs are not about to fund any such thing. One World Government all the way!

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