Walking Backwards to New Orleans 16

We leap forward to 1932 when Ray Starita and His Ambassadors play Get Happy, with Rudy on drums and Nat Gonella on trumpet.

In 1929 brother Al and The Piccadilly Players waxed He’s a Good Man to Have Around.

From 1927 we find Go, Joe, Go by Ray and his Piccadilly Revels Band.

Same year, same mob, Back Beats.

Again 1927: Al with The Kit-Cat Band play Delirium, composed by “Baron” Arthur Schutt, the pianist from the New York “chamber jazz” circle.

We close with something from Ray and Al’s early years in London. Al on cl & as and Ray on cl & ts in The Savoy Havana Band’s 1923 version of Downhearted Blues. (We heard Bessie’s version back in Autumn 2018 #1.)

2 comments for “Walking Backwards to New Orleans 16

  1. March 24, 2019 at 19:53

    Enjoyable as always. Doesn’t mean much but I preferred all those from the 1920s to Get Happy from 1932.

    Favourite was Delirium although that floor covering with the swastika pattern at about 1:20 would be difficult to sell today.

  2. March 25, 2019 at 02:24

    All good – that first one was unusual though in its content. Sometimes we can miss the dynamics of the time in the ye olde nostalgia thing and the jumpy black and whites. Powerful things were going on in those days.

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