Wild goose chases

Yesterday, Tim Newman tweeted about being attacked by a goose:

… and that set the thought processes going.

At about the same time, DR, Bill and Pete were looking at this Jacinda and two youtubes stuck out for me [pun intended] – first being the eulogy where she sweeps down a corridor, not unlike royalty and there is that quite pronounced bump between the legs.

The other is the eulogy which shows photos from childhood to her [?] current age.

Pause for a moment and examine this adulation. Here is a typical female supporter of the Donald:

Here is one of the most fervent male supporters and his and most males’ approbation is over the dealmaking, the cleverness:

But towards this Jacinda – it differs:

Love you Jacinda! You are the best ! God bless you and your family.

Look who’s saying this:

She is the best leader in the world, New Zealand should be proud of you. I hope to see her picture on their currency. As a Muslim, I love and admire this beautiful women, May Allah bless and protect her family.

Yep. And this one is by no means atypical:

she is great leader of world so respect so beautiful woman Allah bless your all family .Allah bless newzealand love you .from uk

Nor this:

Be wary she has never held a real job in her life.

Oops, how did that one get in there? 🙂

This one:

She is second to God only.

Question is – which God?

That was a genuine comment below the vid – look it up for yourself.

The adulation is off the scale. The Donald has those three birds calling themselves the Deplorable Choir and they are … agricultural, let’s say, in their songpower. But for Jacinda, it’s virtual worship of the Great Prophetess.

And the Muslim women themselves – so peaceful, so loving and kind?

As this last one said in her speech – some women choose the quiet family way, some choose as she did. That’s fine for them but it does not greatly reassure victim societies in the west – you have absolutely no idea if you’re in Dar es Salaam with them or Dar al Harb and prepare to die.

Not unlike the Fenians Gerry and Martin.

And that is what can neither be tolerated nor appeased, held over our heads in our own land.  My feeling is that if Jacinda is not necessarily a bad ‘un, then ‘she’ at least is appeasing the Muslims.  Maybe she’s just brainwashed – literally, Manchurian stuff.

Moving on:

There is very much this element of the SpAds and Danny Boyle types, deep within the inner sanctum, having their version of the COBRA and saying something not unlike:

“Look, we’ll have Jac sweeping down on the red carpet -”

“Yep, and let’s have her in one of these cricket boxes -”

“Why not?  And we can have her wearing the most profile hugging dress we can find -”

“That’ll set the conspiracists off, gotta feed the geese …”

Or something along those lines.  Now I’m not saying she is a he or she is a she wearing a box but as DR wrote, she sure ain’t our friend.  You don’t get into that position unless sick in the head in some way – either a Michael Obama or a cougar lover or something wrong with him or her – there always must be some foible or dozens.

The game plan which always wins is distracting the masses in bread and circuses or else the modern day equivalent of the wild goose chase:


Such as the Wail’s obedient and obsequious creation of a royal scandal to keep the masses going, so they began with Kate’s a beech and being unreasonable with this other woman up the road, the former lover.

Further down in the article, it was the other woman who was the beech, making snide reference to the only one in the room having both lovers there.

And finally, Sunday’s full about-turn they so love doing, where Kate is now exonerated and the other woman gets all the blame.

Distraction, distraction.

But the worst part, to me, is the insult to the intelligence because it was obvious from the get-go that Wills was such a silly-willy or else trying it on. That bit about ‘offering to be the go-between’ between the two women fighting over him is soooo blind male ego and deeply insulting to his wife.

Interestingly, my mate yesterday agreed Wills was the culprit here, aside from the conniving beech living just up the road from them and Wills makes sure he brings his former and current lovers together.  Were I Kate, I’d ditch Wills after one warning … but of course, we know about Waity Katy and so he has a lever to use.

So anyway, while all that is going on and while we’re wondering if this Jacinda gal is a gal or not, Rossa’s mother reminds us of this aspect of the whole show:


It has long been understood that one ploy used by governments desperate to cover up their own inadequacies and failures is to create a crisis then award themselves special powers to deal with it and afterwards clap themselves on the back, saying, “Look how well we did there,” whilst continuing to hold onto the special powers they had granted themselves.

By such means do free nations slide inexorably into totalitarianism. With a Muslim Home Secretary who has his eyes firmly set on 10 Downing Street and a current PM whose days are numbered, this should be a cause for deep concern amongst all free men and women.

They’re on about Downing Street, we’re on about Jacinda gal.  Same story, how many thousand miles apart?

Now don’t get me wrong – Distant Relative better not stop because we need those snippets to make sense of things but then we have this issue – each in our own head – of which points are vital, which germane, which bread and circuses and which deliberate red herrings … and those trigger the obvious question … what are they distracting from?

Also, never forget the symbolism … because Them are heavily into it, in plain sight [posts passim]. It’s forever mocking the common human, it’s taking the amber fluid, not out of any natural superiority of mind – quite the opposite – but through inside information, being allowed into ‘the game’ and being so proud to be elevated to The Club.

And dumb beeches like Cortez, Jacinda and Cressida Dick, Joyce Thacker, Julia Middleton – they see validation at last.  And their aim is to make a mark, to wreck a society here, a society there, snuff out a Brazilian electrician’s life on a whim – because the glory of these dumb backsides is all that matters in their heads. Their concept of Doing Good.

Here endeth the rant.

9 comments for “Wild goose chases

  1. dearieme
    March 25, 2019 at 16:19

    Wild goose chase? Consider:

    (H/T Worstall)

  2. dearieme
    March 25, 2019 at 16:24

    Jacinda? Anxious, undernourished, hysterical: probably nutty. I shouldn’t be surprised to see her in the funny farm quite soon, poor bugger.

  3. March 25, 2019 at 17:17

    Chrysalis makes a good point:

    On Jacinda, not to be too graphic, but of course you’ve all overlooked the possibility of a large maxi-pad – especially the medical kind that accommodates heavy lochia, worn for weeks after childbirth.

    Fair enough, that may be it.

    With so much else going on, why is it a burning question again?

    If that’s all it is, it’s not a burning question. If that’s not all it is, it’s a critical question. 🙂

    • Distant Relative
      March 25, 2019 at 19:39

      you’ve all overlooked the possibility of a large maxi-pad – especially the medical kind that accommodates heavy lochia, worn for weeks after childbirth.

      Nope. That boat won’t float! The ‘strange apendage’ video is dated Oct 2017 and the baby was born June 21st 2018.

  4. Distant Relative
    March 25, 2019 at 18:10


    Sometimes all it takes to wake somebody up is to show them something mundane they can then dig into for themselves. That is when, perchance, they have a “light going on in their noddle” moment and start to realise all is not as it seems in this “reality”. It often leads to further exploration of other more important topics rather than confronting them too soon with stuff like the illuminasties for example. I use it when I can be bothered to rouse folk from their soap-opera addled stupor. Losing patience these days though. 🙂

    I shall continue to provide light relief from time to time to mitigate the nasty stuff.

    Btw, I sought a female perspective for that Jac-walk – “definitely not normal” was the verdict even if it was a monthly whatchamacallit. Could be a hermaphrodite as you posited Mr H under Bill’s comment.

    I also saw another comment elsewhere about the anomaly. Don’t know whether this is true but the commenter wrote that initiates to the aforementioned illuminasties are asked to perform humiliating acts in public to show their willingness/submissiveness/allegiance to the hierarchy. So could this be one of those instances? Whatever, she’s a wrong ‘un.

    • March 26, 2019 at 07:40

      All right, DR, I don’t feel I have explored Jacinda enough to have skin in her game so I read what is said and think about it.

      Now it’s only fair I put one last point by Chrysalis, she wrote it, it has been sitting there and other issues took me away. If you wish to reply you can, if not – not. This is what was sitting in pending:


      Erm – I’m quite sure she had a period before her pregnancy, did she not? Thus, the possibility she’s wearing a very thick maxi-pad for heavy flow is not ruled out. And some women still use the old-school method of a rolled cloth or towel rather than chemically-scented products – just like some women prefer cloth diapers to plastic-lined

      Also, the date the video was uploaded does not make it the same date it was filmed. In fact, I just posted a music video that was uploaded to YouTube in 2010, but the event was five years prior, in 2005.

      In Jacinda’s case, if it were filmed in October 2017 and the baby was born June 2018, then the baby would’ve been premature and I’ve seen no mention her baby was premature (although some women continue a period in the first trimester).

      Regardless, I just think all logical possibilities should be explored first rather than jumping to conclusions that she’s a man or transgendered.

  5. Distant Relative
    March 25, 2019 at 18:21

    Re the Kate/Wills debacle/distraction. Funny how this started after that Latham woman joined the Hewitt-Markles PR team. Probably to distract from all those German articles/video interview about Smugs sex-tape being offered to a broker by a woman in Canada. A-l-l-e-g-e-d-l-y. Find your own links to that. And her sister’s tell-all book is supposed to hit the shops soon. Deflect, deflect, deflect.

    • March 26, 2019 at 07:41

      Yes, the Latham is an interesting factor in it. One is reminded of Sarah in the Adventure of the Cardboard Box.

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