Brain dead SJWs

Leftism is certainly mental disease and one can feel compassion for the poor tykes in a perfect world.

But not in ours.

Now before going all ageing curmudgeon, time to stop, think and look back at my own student days, the days of mindlessness.

Regulars know I was Fabian and did anarchist for a while, tried a bit of shouting but got bored and started going to demos to protest against the protesters.

I was miffed with the Vice-Chancellor – we’d taken a lot of time and trouble to write our demands on loo roll [our group was called Anarchist Revolutionary Students in Education] we’d presented it and he failed to take it seriously [yes, it was a white male in those days].

So can we cut these little twerps some slack?  Jury’s out.

2 comments for “Brain dead SJWs

  1. Penseivat
    April 20, 2019 at 09:42

    The majority of these protesters are hypocrites, some just want the publicity, and some are out to cause trouble.
    These ‘friends of the earth’ are leaving tons of rubbish in the streets each day. If they really cared about the planet, they’d pick the rubbish up and take it home with them. By not doing so, they are showing just how little they really care about the planet. On that subject, how did they travel to London? They surely didn’t use the carbon causing forms of mechanical or electric transport. No trains, cars, or buses for them. They would surely have walked or cycled, thus continuing to save the planet.
    Even that arch left wing loony hypocrite Thompson stuck her oar in. After flying, though wanting to deny others the right to do so, from the USA, she wants the protest to continue and encourages others to do so. Meanwhile, having gained the necessary publicity from her public appearance (she must have a film coming out), she’s probably now esconsed in her north London mansion, far away from the troubles she has caused, or helped to continue.
    Encitement to cause public order offences is an arrestable offence. So why hasn’t she been arrested? Unfortunately, as the Met is headed by platitude spouting SJW’s, nothing will be done and the poor bloody infantry of the beat PC’s will continue to take the flak.
    The Met complain about a lack of cells to hold those arrested. Who was the Home Secretary who was responsible for the closing of Police stations? Still, there is a solution to that. London is bordered by several Police forces. I am sure Sussex, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Kent, Essex, and Thames Valley all have empty cells. Once Tarquin or Vanessa have been released from custody, they may find it difficult to get back to the demonstration without killing the planet by using carbon causing transport.
    Meanwhile, perhaps that tunnel visioned, publicity seeking, darling of the Left, who has become wealthy by saying words written by someone else, would feel the same if there was a pink boat outside her house, and people glueing themselves to her front door in protest at the sheer awfulness of her acting? I can only hope we find out!

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