Drone, distortion and OTT organ

There are certain mates I’ve known who’ve worn the black deathshead T shirts and love their discordant screaming metal [great, eh?] – a relaxing brekky for them is listening perhaps to Korn and Slipknot.

With great respect, your humble blogger provides his own personal RL horror movie thanks very much if it’s all the same to you.

And strange as it may seem, the deathshead fanats sometimes lend half an ear to the sort of music in this post but say it’s pop trying to be metal, it’s ersatz, or else they just don’t know what it is – maybe girly. They don’t like it.  They prefer Bill Bailey playing Scarborough Fair in the style of Rammstein.

I wouldn’t say er hat nichts aber vielleicht schauen wir uns das graduell an.

I know of few females who would like the music in this post – maybe they do – gals of an age versus Millennials might like it more or maybe strange females with similar tastes to mine or even broad tastes … add it to their playlists.

Music’s not just the riff, the song, is it – it’s also the ambience of that genre and metalheads need certain certain noises to keep them demi-human and communicative, lol.

Girly music today has changed for sure. In the supermarket at which they insist on all these adenoidal black females through the tannoys throwing the voice around, thinking that that’s singing instead of hyena howls – well,’nuff said.

We’re speaking here just of popular music – you can judge for yourself [by blogposts] whether my tastes are narrow or broad but I’d suggest that ‘discordant’ [which I don’t really like for more than a few bars] is not the same word as ‘distorted’ or ‘loud’. The jangly bands were/are very loud, quite distorted and yet always melodic – we’ve had posts on that before here.

Asian/Turkish village atonalism doesn’t cut it for me. I’d like to go to our jihadi friends wailing from the minarets and ask who writes their material.

I like bagpipes for their sheer noise and constant drone, yet the drumming is rhythmic. Also, there’s a curmudgeonry to the Scots which is endearing. Throw in some noir atmosphere, melancholy and despair and it’s very much the same reason I love walking in sleet and storm. In 2020, as it all crashes around us, it will be for real, lol and your humble iceman will be in his element as he goes under.

By the way, that Steppenwolf number above had these two thought-provoking lines among others:

It’s so easy to do nothing when you’re busy night and day;
Take a step in one direction, and take a step the other way.

Sigh, yes.  Too much to do and will it get done?

Jane were another band which did the loud, manic and melodic, I find it quite relaxing, personally.

Nobody does ‘intense’ quite like the Germans and this is intense. We always smiled at Werner Nadolny on keyboards – he seemed to have two speeds – stop and go, a bit like me really.

Of course, Nazareth also did the heavy drone – but let’s not bring football into this:

One more by Jane:

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  1. dearieme
    April 23, 2019 at 02:05

    Wot, no recording of the Notre Dame organ?

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