Men and women not the same?

Well whodahunkit?

Women listened to this long, long video, men were doing Otherwise. I do agree with her that men are more visual as a rule and tend to tune out the female voice after some time:

The one I think I disagree with with her is that men seek conflict and women peace at any cost. Bollox – quite the opposite. Men are warriors ‘out there’, outside the home, the territory, but inside the perimeter fence, they like peace and quiet.

Women though, as Agatha Christie noted, positively thrive on new conflicts to go to pieces over and then the rebirth is not unlike the Phoenix from the ashes. Men prefer peace, almost at all costs but then they explode.

Now we’re not including violent men who fly off the handle here, nor nutter women such as those on the left. We’re talking your average bloke and gal.

She also mentioned that the female is into fine detail – she can remember a nuance from two weeks ago and expects the male to. The male, in my experience, cares nothing for the fine detail unless it relates to him or to a global issue.

She speaks of women preferring company and talk, men are never happier than at a car or plane rally, checking out mega-tools at a mega-hardware perhaps.

I’d say she gets many points right, not all. And that dress is easy on the eyes.

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  1. April 22, 2019 at 23:33

    Mrs ERJ and I have been retired for about five years.

    Mrs ERJ enjoys my retirement. We have time. She will start talking about random parts of her day that were important to her.

    Like records in the programming language PASCAL, the salient parts of her day chain together or cross-link in various ways. Sometimes in mid-stream the subject of her ruminations will change. Animal? Mineral? Vegetable?

    In the beginning, I found listening exhausting.

    Then enlightenment dawned. She felt “connected” when she talked. It was not mandatory that I listen ALL THE TIME.

    Whiplash occurs when I DO need to listen. She will sometimes ask a question.

    Rewind: Replay…nope, five seconds was not enough.

    Rewind: Replay…fifteen seconds…almost enough….

    Rewind: Replay…OK, got it. “Nope. I think I preferred the tartan. Tartan clashes with everything equally well.”

    Mrs ERJ happily verbs-nouns-and-adjectives her way onward. She is vindicated that she asked my opinion. The fact that I ruminated thirty seconds on the answer validated the importance of the question.

    Then I return to my own thoughts.

    We are both deliriously happy in our retirements. In pensive moments I ponder the ways in which I must be misinterpreting her responses.

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