I went there twice to see the play, meant to ten years later but life changed. Maybe next year, don’t know:

# The second time was quite militaristic – armed guards stood at the back of the auditorium as such, think they were expecting a different religion to try to muscle in.

# They had a special performance to mark a major anniversary and had trouble finding a virgin the village to play Mary, so the story went. How would they ascertain that?

# Both performances I saw had good weather, though it was a bit chilly under that large roof. My accommodation was lovely in a private home.

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  1. Andy5759
    April 20, 2019 at 19:52

    That downhill run looks like but could be fun. I’ve seen it before somewhere, here maybe? In fact I was only thinking about that run on Thursday evening!

    One tipsy evening in the local we lads came up with the idea of a St. Albans street luge. Just to liven up our local festival. There’s a very steep hill heading out of town, with a bridge over the river at the bottom to make a perfect jump.

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