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I seriously do not have the time to do that but you can get the general idea.

Here’s another, this time with no url and from Rossa’s mother, on a comment on the Slog – all I can do is present what I have:

You couldn’t make it up………..

About three or four weeks ago, there was an interesting piece in the
Sunday Times. It was about the infiltration of HMRC by the followers of
islam and the billions of pounds stolen, much of it distributed to
terrorist organisations. One stark fact ,was that the money stolen
dwarfed Government funding for MI5/6 over the same period.

I was telling the old man about it over a few pints, he couldn’t believe
it, he was asking where l’d read it and why isn’t it massive news? I
explained l read it in the centre of the Sunday Times, a double spread.
The old man hit the nail on the head though, in times gone by such
wholesale fraud and funding of enemy combatants would have been massive
news, yet l am unaware of its reporting anywhere other than the middle
of the Times. It was their investigation to be fair, but nobody picked
up on it.

Yes I saw that, it was picked up by the Mail and the Telegraph plus
Breitbart the next day and, strangely, The Australian as well as several
blogs and anti-Islam sites. The tragedy is that such revelations raise
little more than a raised eyebrow and a shrug, a clear demonstration of
just how far the disconnect between the people and the government has

Of course, it was also in the interests of the government to try to
down-play it all, supported as usual by their ‘friends’. Just imagine
the government reaction if it had been ‘Russian’ criminals behind it.

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