A comparison sent by youtube

Youtube presented me with these two below, which compare two similar length boats, both much longer than mine by half again, it does alter the picture significantly, the smaller mono far more cramped than the first guy is letting on, hobbyhorses, the second far bouncier side to side than this, although you can see it now and then:

The thing with the mono is she’s far more of a lady, deep rich wood and brass, traditional … but always sailing at that 30 to 40 degree angle, 24/7. I find that wearing. But secure unless water gets in, then glug glug to the bottom.

The motion of the cat you can see and the issue is right there – boring, nothing ever happens, motion too smooth. Until it suddenly does happen, one hull up and over, end of game – did you notice the emergency hatches in the sides?

And them’s the dilemmas, folks, with each type. First guy was right about huge storage space onboard with the mono, but huge accommodation and living space on the cat, never claustrophobic. Both expensive to maintain.

Huge distances? I’d say the cat. Into huge seas most of the time, e.g. around Britain? I’d say the mono.

Just as a matter of interest – my mono version draws 27 inches of water with long, shallow keel. My cat version draws 8 inches. Mono moves ponderously, second skittishly, have to watch the whole time.


1. The other day, I mentioned the need to go downwind at 10 degrees, I always raced Pain in the A that way, and this quote by Gregor Tarjan reinforces it [he’s a boat deliverer of many summers, sailed with Conner etc., the man knows his stuff]:

It is more advantageous to run downwind at a slight angle, as this will increase the effective length of the cat by presenting its diagonal distance (the distance from the port stern to the starboard bow), which is longer than the overall length of the boat, to following seas. This diagonal distance is the most important aspect of multihull stability. By running at a slight angle the bows of the multihull will bury less, and the risk of pitchpoling is minimized. The drogue can be deployed if there is a steering failure and/or to reduce speed to manageable velocities to be in sync with the wave pattern.

I think it’s better I stick with the cat, I understand the motion better than the mono, I also like my privacy.

2. No way I’m going up a tall mast for anyone – my mast comes down to me if there are any issues.

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  1. May 20, 2019 at 14:39

    I would not like to go up a mast that high, especially on a windy day. I do not like heights unless there is a seat in a plane under my backside or a parachute above me.

    • May 20, 2019 at 18:45

      I’ve a system for lowering the masts before a storm.

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